The Irish Rovers   •   Party Pack: 20 All Time Favorites

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  • Party Pack: 20 All Time Favorites
    • 1986 - CBS Direct DME2-084 LP [x2] (CAN)
  • Record One — Side One
    1. The Unicorn (S. Silverstein)
    2. Orange and Green (A. Murphy)
    3. Dublin O'Shea (Lonnie Donegan, Joe Brown)
    4. Swallow's Tail (Arr. Adapt. W. Millar, G. Millar, W. McDowell)
    5. Puff The Magic Dragon (P. Yarrow, L. Liston)
  • Record One — Side Two
    1. Bottle Of Wine (Tom Paxton)
    2. Valparaiso
    3. Rio Grande (Trad. Arr. W. Millar)
    4. Black Velvet Band
    5. Waltzing Matilda
  • Record Two — Side One
    1. Wasn't That A Party (Tom Paxton)
    2. Whiskey On A Sunday (G. Hughes)
    3. Whiskey You're A Devil (Trad., G. Millar)
    4. Another Little Drink (W. Millar, G. Millar)
    5. Blow The Man Down (Trad. Arr. W. Millar)
  • Record Two — Side Two
    1. Sloop John B (Trad. Arr. W. Millar)
    2. Bonnie Kellswater (Arr. Adapt. W. Millar)
    3. Maggie (Arr. Adapt. W. Miliar)
    4. Years May Come, Years May Go (A. Popp, J.C. Massoulier, J. Fishman)
    5. Lord Of The Dance (S. Carter)