The Irish Rovers   •   Tall Ships & Salty Dogs

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  • Tall Ships & Salty Dogs
    • 1979 - Attic LAT 1086 LP (CAN)
  • Side One
    1. The Day the Tall Ships Came (R. Shaw)
    2. New York Girls (PD. Arr. Adapt. W. Millar)
    3. Bluenose (D. Martins)
    4. Cape Anne (G. Bok)
    5. Missionary's Child (W. Millar)
    6. The Old Balena (W. Millar)
    7. Rio Grande (Trad. Arr. Adapt. W. Millar, New Words W. Millar)
    8. Blow the Man Down (PD. Arr. Ada pt. W. Millar)
    9. Jigs (PD. Arr. Adapt. W. C. McDowell)
  • Side Two
    1. The "I'm Alone" At Lunenburg, N.S. (W & G. Millar)
    2. The Sloop John B (PD. Arr. Adapt. W. Millar)
    3. The Wanderer and The Whale (W. Millar)
    4. Foolish Old Man (G. Bok)
    5. If We Weren't Devils (PD. Arr. Adapt. W. Millar)
    6. Dublin O'Shea (PD. Arr. Adapt. W. Millar)
    7. Instrumental (Traditional)
    8. Let the Lower Lights Be Burning (PD. Arr. Adapt. W. Millar)
    9. McDonald's Raiders & Battle of Garvagh (PD. Arr. Adapt. W. Millar)

  • The Irish Rovers
    • George Millar, Jimmy Ferguson, Joe Millar, Will Millar & Wicil McDowell
  • Additional Musicians
    • Skip Beckwith, Tim Cohoon, David MacIsaac, Don Palmer, George Wilson
  • Credits
    • Produced by Charles "Bud" Dant
    • Recorded at Audio Atlantic, Halifax
    • Additional Mixing by George Millar & Keith Stein at Can-Base Studios, Vancouver
    • Album design by Jeannette Hanna/Fifty Fingers
    • Photography by Vincent Montague, P.E.I.
    • Back Painting by Will Millar