The Irish Rovers   •   Party with the Rovers

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  • Party With The Rovers
    • 1985 - Attic LAT 1205 LP (CAN)
  • Side One
    1. Everybody's Making It Big But Me (Shel Silverstein)
    2. Lonesome Traveller/This Train
    3. Mama Was A Moonshine Man
    4. Down In The Devil's Den
    5. Swallow's Tail
    6. Rollin' River
  • Side Two
    1. The Boys Are Going Drinking Tonight
    2. Bottle Of Wine (Tom Paxton)
    3. Dig A Little Deeper In The Well
    4. Frail Tho' My Spirit May Be (Frank Gykus)
    5. Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It's Flavour (On The Bedpost Overnight) (Rose, Bloom & Breuer)

  • The Irish Rovers
    • George Millar, Jimmy Ferguson, Joe Millar, Will Millar & Wicil McDowell
  • Additional Musicians
    • Michael Creber: Piano & Keyboards
    • Daryl Burgess: Drums
    • Bernie LaBarge: Guitar
    • Gary Koliger: Bass
  • Credits
    • Produced by Jack Richardson for J.A.R. Productions
    • Recorded at Pinewood Studio, Vancouver, B.C.
    • Art Direction & Design by Modern Imageworks
    • Photography by David Street
    • All songs arranged & adapted by Will Millar & George Millar except where indicated.