The Pogues   •   Hell's Ditch

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  • Hell's Ditch
    • 1990 - Island 422-846 999-2 CD (USA)
  • Tracklist
    1. The Sunnyside Of The Street (Jem Finer & Shane McGowan)
    2. Sayonara (Shane McGowan)
    3. The Ghost Of A Smile (Shane McGowan)
    4. Hell's Ditch (Jem Finer & Shane McGowan)
    5. Lorca's Novena (Shane McGowan)
    6. Summer In Siam (Shane McGowan)
    7. Rain Street (Shane McGowan)
    8. Rainbow Man (Terry Woods)
    9. The Wake Of The Medusa (Jem)
    10. House Of The Gods (Shane McGowan)
    11. 5 Green Queens And Jean (Jem Finer & Shane McGowan)
    12. Maidrín Rua
    13. Six To Go (Terry Woods)

  • The Pogues
    • Shane MacGowan: Vocals
    • Jem Finer: Banjo, Shaker, Lap Steel Guitar, Mandolin, Hurdy Gurdy, Saxophone, Acoustic Guitar
    • Spider Stacy: Tin Whistle, Vocals, Harmonica
    • James Fearnley: Accordion, Piano Violin, Electric Sitar, Kalimba, Banjo, Acoustic, Electric & Spanish Guitar
    • Terry Woods: Vocals, Mandolin, Cittern, Concertina, Accordion, Autoharp, Electric Guitar
    • Philip Chevron: Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Accordion, Guitar, Backing Vocals
    • Darryl Hunt: Bass Guitar, Bells, Congas, Backing Vocals
    • Andrew Ranken: Drums, Tambourine. Backing Vocals
  • Musicians
    • Siobhan Sheahan: Harp
  • Credits
    • Producer: Joe Strummer
    • Engineer: Paul Cobbold
    • Cover by Joshua Cheuse