The Pogues   •   Hell's Ditch

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  • Hell's Ditch
    • 1990 - Island 422-846 999-2 CD (USA)
  • Side One
    1. The Sunnyside Of The Street (Jem Finer & Shane McGowan)
    2. Sayonara (Shane McGowan)
    3. The Ghost Of A Smile (Shane McGowan)
    4. Hell's Ditch (Jem Finer & Shane McGowan)
    5. Lorca's Novena (Shane McGowan)
    6. Summer In Siam (Shane McGowan)
  • Side Two
    1. Rain Street (Shane McGowan)
    2. Rainbow Man (Terry Woods)
    3. The Wake Of The Medusa (Jem)
    4. House Of The Gods (Shane McGowan)
    5. 5 Green Queens And Jean (Jem Finer & Shane McGowan)
    6. Maidrín Rua
    7. Six To Go (Terry Woods)

  • The Pogues
    • Shane MacGowan: Vocals
    • Jem Finer: Banjo, Shaker, Lap Steel Guitar, Mandolin, Hurdy Gurdy, Saxophone, Acoustic Guitar
    • Spider Stacy: Tin Whistle, Vocals, Harmonica
    • James Fearnley: Accordion, Piano Violin, Electric Sitar, Kalimba, Banjo, Acoustic, Electric & Spanish Guitar
    • Terry Woods: Vocals, Mandolin, Cittern, Concertina, Accordion, Autoharp, Electric Guitar
    • Philip Chevron: Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Accordion, Guitar, Backing Vocals
    • Darryl Hunt: Bass Guitar, Bells, Congas, Backing Vocals
    • Andrew Ranken: Drums, Tambourine. Backing Vocals
  • Musicians
    • Siobhan Sheahan: Harp
  • Credits
    • Producer: Joe Strummer
    • Engineer: Paul Cobbold
    • Cover by Joshua Cheuse