Silly Wizard   •   The Best of Silly Wizard

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  • The Best Of Silly Wizard
    • 1985 - Shanachie 79048 LP (USA)
  • Side One
    1. A. A. Cameron's Strathspey; Mrs Martha Knowles; The Pitnacree Ferryman & The New Shillin'
    2. The Fishermen's Song
    3. The Queen Of Argyll
    4. Finlay M. MacRae
    5. The Valley Of Strathmore
  • Side Two
    1. Donald McGillavry; O'Neill's Cavalry March
    2. The Pearl
    3. Isla Waters
    4. Mo Chuachag Laghach (My Kindly Sweetheart)
    5. Broom O' The CowdenKnowes
    6. Green Fields Of Glentown; The Galtee Reel; Bobby Casey's Number Two & Wing Commander Donald Mackenzie's Reel

  • Silly Wizard
    • Phil Cunningham: Accordion, whistles, vocals, keyboards, mandola guitar, synthesisers, electric piano, piano, harmonium
    • Martin Hadden: Electric bass, fretless bass, guitar, harmonium string synthesisers, piano, electric piano, vocals
    • Andy M. Stewart: Lead vocals, tenor banjo, whistle, mandolin
    • Gordon Jones: Guitar, bodhrán, mandola, vocals
    • Johnny Cunningham: Fiddles, vocals, viola
    • Bob Thomas: Guitar