The Pogues   •   Dirty Old Town (Platinum Collection)

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  • Dirty Old Town (Platinum Collection)
    • 2005 - Warner Strategic Marketing 5101-10404-2 CD (UK)
  • Tracklist
    1. Streams of Whiskey (MacGowan)
    2. A Pair of Brown Eyes (MacGowan)
    3. Dirty Old Town ( MacColl)
    4. Sally Maclennane (MacGowan)
    5. Dingle Regatta (Trad. Arr. Finer, The Pogues)
    6. Turkish Song of The Damned (Finer, MacGowan)
    7. Metropolis (Finer)
    8. Thousands Are Sailing (Chevron)
    9. Rainy Night in Soho (MacGowan)
    10. Misty Morning Albert Bridge (Finer)
    11. I'm A Man You Don't Meet Every Day (Trad. Arr. The Pogues)
    12. Gridlock (Finer, Ranken)
    13. Young Ned Of the Hill (Kavana, Woods)
    14. Tuesday Morning (Stacy)
    15. Paris St. Germaine (Stacy, Woods)
    16. Drunken Boat (Fearnley)
    17. Love You till The End (Hunt)