Hamish Imlach   •   Cod Liver Oil & Orange Juice

  • Cod Liver Oil & Orange Juice
    • 2006 - Castle CMDDD1369 CD (UK)
  • CD One
    1. Johnny O'Breadislee (Trad. Arr. Hamish Imlach)
    2. Men of Knoydart (Hamish Henderson)
    3. The Zoological Gardens (Trad. Arr. Hamish Imlach)
    4. Street Songs (Trad. Arr. Hamish Imlach)
    5. Cod Liver Oil & Orange Juice (Karl MacDougall, Ronnie Clark)
    6. If It Wasn't for The Unions (Matt McGinn)
    7. Black Is the Colour (Trad. Arr. Hamish Imlach)
    8. I Was A Gay Spark in My Time (Wattie Wright)
    9. Whiskey You're the Devil (Trad. Arr. Hamish Imlach)
    10. Early Morning Blues (Blind Blake)
    11. The Ballad of Timothy Evans (Ewan MacColl)
    12. Castlereagh (Banjo Patterson)
    13. The Twa Corbies (Trad. Arr. Hamish Imlach)
    14. The Tall Tale (Watt Nicoll)
    15. Copper's Song (Trad. Arr. Hamish Imlach)
    16. MacPherson's Farewell (Davie Stewart)
    17. The 37 Bus (M. Toner)
    18. I Am A Miller (Lucy Stewart)
    19. The Dundee Cat (Watt Nicoll)
    20. Jean Harlow (Died the Other Day - Several Times) (Ledbetter)
    21. The Clapped-Out Motorcar (Hamish Imlach, Watt Nicoll)
    22. Bourgeois Blues (Lomax A., Ledbetter, Lomax Snr.)
    23. The Horny Bull (Watt)
  • CD Two
    1. The McGreggors (Trad. Arr. Hamish Imlach)
    2. Deep Elem Blues (Trad. Arr. Hamish Imlach)
    3. History of Football (Hamish Imlach, Watt Nicoll)
    4. Beer Is Best (Trad. Arr. Hamish Imlach)
    5. Little Maggie (Trad. Arr. Hamish Imlach)
    6. Goodbye Booze (Trad. Arr. Hamish Imlach)
    7. Whisky Seller (Trad. Arr. Hamish Imlach)
    8. The Moonshiner (Trad. Arr. Hamish Imlach)
    9. Clive's Song (Clive Palmer)
    10. The Cuckoo (Trad. Arr. Hamish Imlach)
    11. Pretty Little Horses (Trad. Arr. Jill Doyle)
    12. Noted Rider (Trad. Arr. Hamish Imlach)
    13. The Streets of Laredo/Western Cowboy (Trad. Arr. Danny Kyle, Leadbelly)
    14. Forty Pence Butter (Trad. Arr. Hamish Imlach)
    15. One Day Old (Langston Hughes, Fisher)
    16. Twelve Pence Ain't a Shilling (Tom Glazer)
    17. Whiskey (Silverstein)
    18. Dialogue (Trad. Arr. Hamish Imlach)
    19. Five Eyes (Silverstein)
    20. Fine Old English Tory Times (Trad. Arr. Hamish Imlach)
    21. Cornflakes, Sugar, Teardrops (Ribback, Silverstein)
    22. Bluebird (Settle, Silverstein)
    23. The People Upstairs (Connolly, Nash)
    24. Coulter's Candy (Trad. Arr. Hamish Imlach)
    25. Jenny Jenkins (Trad. Arr. Hamish Imlach)
    26. Traveling Rhythm (Hamish Imlach)
    27. Murdered Ballad (Trad. Arr. Sweeney, Hamish Imlach)
    28. The Night Squad (Roberts)
    29. That Terrible, Terrible Night (Silverstein)

  • Credits
    • Compiled by David Wells
    • Coordinator: Jon Richards, Michelle Callaghan, Naomi Devonish, Steve Hammonds
    • Design: Becky Stewart
    • Liner Notes: David Wells
    • Remastered by Nick Watson
    • Mastered at The Town House
  • Notes
    • Information on this release comes from outside sources.

Sleeve Notes

Scotland's Greatest All Round Entertainer' was one description given to the Calcutta born, Hamish Imlach and his vast repertoire of traditional folk songs, blues and political ballads certainly cemented this fact and turned him into one of the country's best loved live performer's from the mid sixties up until the mid 90's. His appetite for bawdy bar room humour were all part of his larger than life personality and his considerable number of radio, TV, concert and cabaret appearances established Imlach at the top of the entertainment tree. Cod Liver Oil & Orange Juice is a 2-disc collection from the Transatlantic vaults and contains selections from a number of recordings he made for the Transatlantic label between 1966 and 1973.