Gaberlunzie   •   Half Cut In The Highlands

  • Half Cut In The Highlands
    • 1987 - Lune 001 Cassette (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Crooked Jack (Dominic Behan) [1]
    2. Ye Jacobites By Name (R. Burns)
    3. Ramblin' Rover (A. Stewart)
    4. Gin I Were A Baron's Heir (Burns) [2]
    5. Lassie Mailbox Blues (B. Friel)
    6. The Green Fields Of France (E. Bogle)
  • Side Two
    1. Davie Don (G. Menzies)
    2. Barrett's Privateers (S. Rogers)
    3. Mary Queen Of Scots (G. Menzies)
    4. McGinty's Meal And Ale

  • Gaberlunzie
    • Gordon Menzies: Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin
    • Robin Watson: Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar
  • Musicians
    • Ronnie Reid: Bass Guitar
  • Credits
    • Recorded live at various venues in the highlands & islands of Scotland from July 16th to 27th 1987
    • Produced by Phil Rose
    • Re-mixed at Lune Studios
    • Phil Rose: Recording & Re-mix
    • Bobbie Faulkner: Strings & Patience
    • Wendy Hirst: Tea & Sympathy

  • Notes:
    1. Dominic Behan is not credited as the song's author on this recording.
    2. This track is not actually listed on the jacket.

This is easily Gaberlunzie's hardest to find recording, and to put it diplomatically, Gordon Menzies himself doesn't have a very high opinion of it. According to Gordon, "Half Cut was only released on cassette by an independent company … We are gradually re-recording all the tracks that were on it onto other albums such as Live at Glenfarg, but we will not reissue the actual cassette in any form."