Gaberlunzie   •   Gaberlunzie in Glenfarg

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  • Gaberlunzie in Glenfarg
    • 2006 - Kelvin Records KEL0047 CD (UK)
  • Tracklist
    1. Ye Jacobites By Name
    2. Three Nights and a Sunday Double Time
    3. Lads 0' the Fair
    4. Old Adam Set. Six Eight marches
    5. Mary Ellen Carter
    6. 1314
    7. MacPherson's Rant
    8. Banks o' the Tay
    9. Tha Mi Sgith Set
    10. Then He Kicked Me
    11. Medley (Black Velvet Band, Wild Rover, Flower of Scotland, Scots Wha Hae)
    12. Auld Lang Syne

  • Gaberlunzie
    • Gordon Menzies: vocals, guitar, mandoline
    • Robin Watson: vocals, guitar
  • Credits
    • Produced by Robin Watson
    • Engineered by Neil Paterson

Sleeve Notes

Ye Jacobites By Name (Burns).
Robert Burns in Political muse. Often requested and enjoyable to sing.

Three Nights and a Sunday Double Time (McGinn)
A comment by our old pal, the late Matt McGinn, about folk who always seem to be chasing the "Big Bucks."

Lads O' the Fair (McNeill)
The "Tryst" or Trysting Fair, the Falkirk feeing market, has been celebrated for centuries and is still going strong. Brian MacNeil captures the atmosphere down the years

Old Adam Set. Six Eight marches. (Trad. Arr Gaberlunzie).

Mary Ellen Carter (Rogers)
Robin recckons that this Stan Rogers song is like the Titanic story in reverse. The boat sinks at the beginning and after a few drams, they bring it up again. Like many of Stan's songs It has an uplifting message.

1314 (McGinn/Menzies)
This is another Matt McGinn song with added lyrics by Gordon. The battle of Bannockburn is the subject of this ditty.

MacPherson's Rant (Trad. Arr Gaberlunzie)
James MacPherson, freebooter, rogue, vagabond, thief, murderer, pillager and musician, was captured and sentenced to be hanged near Banff. He was reprieved at the 11th hour, but the Burghers advanced the town clock by 15 minutes, and hung the bugger anyway, before the reprieve arrived.

Banks o' the Tay (Menzies).
While walking by the River Tay near Logierait, what I thought was a lovely young woman turned out to be a tree trunk. Too late! Too late! This song had germinated. (It was a very good looking tree, by the way.)

Tha Mi Sgith Set. Four Four/Six Eight/Reel (Trad. Arr Gabelunzie)

Then He Kicked Me (Imlach).
Hamish Imlach taught us this song which many other bands have parodied as "Then He Kissed Me".

Black Velvet Band/Wild Rover/Flower of Scotland (Roy Williamson)/Scots Wha Hae (Burns)
Some Irish and Scots songs A medley for a wee "come all ye."

Auld Lang Syne (Burns).
It cam wi' a Burns and it'll gang wi' a Burns