Finbar Furey   •   Don't Stop This Now

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  • Don't Stop This Now
    • 2018 - BMG 538379590 CD & DVD (UK)
  • CD Tracklist
    1. Sweet Liberty Of Life
    2. Don't Stop This Now
    3. Annabelle
    4. We Built A Home
    5. The Galway Shawl (Trad. Arr. Finbar Furey)
    6. Sarah Waits
    7. Co-Exist
    8. The Taxi's Waiting — w/Áine Furey
    9. Hail Rain or Snow — w/Áine Furey
    10. Michael Power
    11. Paddy Dear
    12. I Was Further Than I Thought I Was
    13. I Remember You Singing This Song Ma (Finbar Furey, Trad.)
    14. Lament For John
  • DVD Tracklist
    1. The Lonesome Boatman
    2. After Sunday Mass
    3. We Built a Home
    4. Michael Power
    5. Dan O'Hara (Trad. Arr. Finbar Furey)
    6. The Ballad for George Best
    7. Living in Ballyfermot - Story
    8. The Old Man (Phil Coulter)
    9. The Taxi's Waiting — w/Áine Furey
    10. Fur Coat - Story
    11. I Was Further Than I Thought I Was
    12. The Green Fields of France (Eric Bogle)
    13. When You Were Sweet Sixteen (F. Furey, J. Thornton)
    14. Sweet Liberty of Life

  • CD Musicians
    • Finbar Furey: Vocals, Uilleann Pipes, Whistles, 5 String Banjo, Guitar
    • Peter Eades: Keyboards, Guitar, Cuatro, Percussion, Bass Guitar
    • Áine Furey: Vocals (Tracks: 8 & 9)
  • CD Credits
    • Produced by Finbar Furey
    • Engineered and co-produced by Peter Eades
    • Mastered by Billy Farrell
    • Special thanks to Áine Furey, Vocals and to Suzanne Doyle for her hard work and belief
    • Thanks to Sarah Casey, Carlo Scarampi, Pat Savage, Alistair Norbury, Henry Semmence, John Waller, Lance Hogan, Rory Quirke, Ned Quirke, Arianne Hogan, Willie Ryan, Sue Harris, Amanda Beel and Laura Ohnona.
    • Special thanks to Shane MacGowan, Bono, Glen Hansard and Imelda May for their kind words.
    • Photography: Ruth Medjber
    • Design: Stephen Averill
    • All songs written by Finbar Furey, unless otherwise noted.
  • DVD Musicians
    • Finbar Furey: Vocals, 5 String Banjo, Guitar, Whistle, Uileann pipes
    • Peter Eades: Piano, Electric Guitar, Strings, Cuatro, Backing Vocals
    • Paul O'Driscoll: Double Bass, Backing Vocals
    • Massimo Santalucia: Acoustic Guitar, Sax, Backing Vocals
    • Maurice Lennon: Fiddle
    • James Delaney: Hammond Organ
    • Lance Hogan: Drums, Percussion
    • Áine Furey: Vocals (Track: 23)
  • DVD Credits
    • Producer: Suzanne Doyle
    • Director: Barry Gibbons
    • Creative Director: Lance Hogan
    • Editor: Oleg Rudkovskij
    • Director of Photography: Mark O'Rourke
    • Lighting Designer: Conor O'Donnell, Donal O'Luanaigh
    • Audio Producer: Peter Eades
    • House Sound Engineer: Phil Morrisroe
    • Monitor Engineer: James Feeney
    • Multi-track Recording: Alan Kelly, Oisin Clarke
    • Camera Operators: Garreth Caulfield, Baz Al Rawl, Gavin Butler, Ciaran Healy
    • Production Vicar St: Caroline Duke, Jeremy Smyth
    • Head of Security: Jake McGuiness
    • Venue manager: Hugh McGonagle
    • Stills Photographer: Ruth Medjber
    • All songs written by Finbar Furey, unless otherwise noted.
    • Special thanks to Sheila Furey, Martin Nolan, Bren Berry, Christine Sheridan
    • Recorded at Vicar Street, Dublin, Ireland, 7 May 2017
    • All songs written by Finbar Furey, unless otherwise noted.
  • Other releases include …
    • Paddy Dear (2017, IRL)
      • Tracks: 2, 3, 7 & 9 do not apprear on Paddy Dear

Sleeve Notes

"Only someone as tough as Finbar Furey can sing songs this tender. Only someone who has lived all the lives Finbar Furey has lived, can stop us in the busy street of our own life and still us into focusing on one very real soul in a song like 'Annabelle'. We believe him when he sings of the lost and losing faith. We trust him with our own doubts, but strangely, with such balladry he gives us more faith and courage to go on."


"Finbar Furey, even his name sings defiantly. It's worth living long enough to hear that defiance and wisdom deepen, soften, yet never bend. It's so great to see him. Whenever I do I'm reminded of the promise I made to myself: stay the road, stay true to yourself and your song. This man has it in spades".

Glen Hansard

"Finbar Furey proves that he is not just a massive force in Irish music's heritage, he is a massive force in shaping it's future as well."

Shane MacGowan

Finbar is the jewel of Ireland. A rough cut, perfectly polished, precious, invaluable treasure of ours. He lives and breathes every word of every song he writes and performs. It feels like he sings every one just for me. Watch him … he mesmerises … with each gesture, each moveement, each expression, he draws you in with his unmistakable, deep, dulcet, husky and yet sweetly soft, intimate, often delicately vulnerable voice. With every song he sings I am covinced he can see inside my heart and I his. He is the master. This is an icon at his best … so far."

Imelda May

With all my heart I thank each one of you …

Sweet Liberty of Life — Liberty, life and freedom are words that capture the true spirit of humankind in every imaginable way — even in today's global and tangled democracies.

Annabelle — Old Annabelle was a friend of my mothers. I'd often be with them as they'd share a bar of chocolate sitting on the roadside in Dublin in the '50s. I wrote the song in 1994, and still it goes on …

Sarah Waits — All wars are crazy, and it seems endless. No war to end wars. There's no victory in taking life nor losing it, and all is left are memories etched in stone or wooden crosses.

After Sunday Mass — It is of course where the Irish Emigrants meet to share information and exchange gossip from home. It could be New York or Sydney, Hong Kong or London. It goes on the world over and in every religion and sect too.

Dan O'Hara — Sitting here writing this I can picture my Auntie Dolly, my father's older sister, singing this beautiful old and proud song of famine, loss and emigration. It's a gem in the crown of Irish heritage and folk history. Dan O'Hara's past in Connemara calling him home awhile.

The Ballad for George Best — I always admired this breathtakingly talented genius on the football field, and met him a couple of times. He was a natural master of his trade and a wonderful human being. He's sadly missed as a person and to the world of football.

The Old Man — This song was written by Phil Coulter one evening when he and I sat and talked and swapped stories of our lives. I told him about my father, Ted Furey and he wrote this and dedicated it to him.

Finbar Furey, 2018