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  • Paddy Dear
    • 2017 - Banshee BANNUSCD2017 CD (IRL)
  • Tracklist
    1. We Built A Home Waits
    2. The Galway Shawl (Trad. Arr. Finbar Furey)
    3. Sarah Waits
    4. Paddy Dear
    5. The Taxi's Waiting — w/Áine Furey
    6. I Was Further Than I Thought I Was
    7. I Remember You Singing This Song (Finbar Furey, Trad.)
    8. Sweet Liberty Of Life
    9. The Ghost Of Kelly Dancing
    10. Michael Power
    11. He'll Have To Go (Joe & Audrey Allison) — w/Sharon Shannon
    12. Lament For John

  • Musicians
    • Finbar Furey: Vocals, Pipes, Whistles, Banjo, Guitars
    • Peter Eades: Keyboards, Guitar, Cuatro, Percussion, Bass Guitar
    • Áine Furey : Vocals (Track: 5)
    • Sharon Shannon: Accordian (Track: 11)
  • Credits
    • Produced by Finbar Furey
    • Engineered & Co-produced by Peter Eades
    • CD duplication: Mandy Byrnes Watchorn
    • Photography: Sheila Furey & Rob Furey
    • Artwork: Jason Kenna
    • Distribution: Ian Church,
    • Mastering: Billy Farrell
    • Thanks also to John Dunford
    • All songs written by Finbar Furey, unless otherwise noted.
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Sleeve Notes

It's amazing how a song fits a certain key. It's like life's pathways; you must take your time, think about it then, with a song anyway, record it. This album is a journey through Irish life and love. Reflections down through the years from great famine and despair to wonderful love, imagination, music and mystery. But we Irish are resilient, tough and adventurous. We're humble yet proud and there's always something around the corner.

I owe the bones of this album to my great family and friends without whose patient help and kind support I'd still be scratching my head and asking myself will I, won't I? While I was writing the music for The Wild Goose Lodge film, I knew these songs were ready to be recorded and that now was the time. I'd like to thank Sheila for all her help and support throughout. Also for the dozen red roses and the glass of red wine that I'm sitting here enjoying and I'm wondering to meself, 'What's next?'

My special thank you to my daughter Aine Furey for her wonderful vocals on 'The Taxi's Waiting.' It was a lot of fun recording together and sharing the vocals, which we haven't done since Martin and Aine recorded with Bohinta. 'The Taxi's Waiting' is for my pal Rory Conway and the Luco Squad.

I'd like to say a big thank you to Sharon Shannon for joining me on 'He'll have to Go.' We had great craic putting this track together. I thank her for her beautiful music always.