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  • Finbar Furey
    • 2009 - Cooking Vinyl 487 CD (USA)
  • Tracklist
    1. You Enter My Soul
    2. Travelling Lady
    3. The Wind and The Rain
    4. America Cried
    5. The Liffey Walls
    6. My Song of Emigration
    7. Óró, Óró
    8. Railway Square (Martin Furey)
    9. 6,000 Lonely Miles
    10. Walking with me Darlin'
    11. Mrs. A
    12. Dark Side of the World

  • Credits
    • Engineers: Ciaran Byrne, Tim Martin, Catherine Considine, Conan Doyle, Alan Cowan, Richard Dowling
    • Studios: Westland, Cauldron, Soundworks
    • Final Mastering by Ira Yuspeh at M&I Recording Studios - NYC
    • Compiled and Produced by Anita Daly
    • Photos by Enda Casey & Beta Bajgartova
    • Layout & Design by Seth Adam
  • Track Sources
    1. Tracks: 10 & 12 are previously unreleased.
    2. Track: 8 is from Love Letters (1990)
    3. Tracks: 7 & 9 are from Winds Of Change (1992)
    4. Tracks: 4 & 5 are from Claddagh Road (1994)
    5. Tracks: 1, 2, 3, 6 & 11 are from The Wind & The Rain (1997)

First of all, thanks to my brother Eddie — we began something new together in the world of music and to my brothers Paul (hugely missed and daily remembered) and George. We had great times and still do.

These tracks were recorded over many years and many albums and the countless musicians and engineers — both from family and friends who played on them — all left their stamp here…

Special thanks to Jim Leavitt of Cosmic Trigger Records and Attica Duly of Daly Communications in New York, Brian Gaffney in DC, and Patsy Whelan in Boston fortheir enthusiasm.

And to Sheila, of course.

Always the heart,
Finbar Furey

Sleeve Notes

You Enter My Soul
The great spirit moves in strange ways. I know because He or She has come to my aid many times in my life. believe in a great power. The power of hope. It can create heaven itself and does so every day.

Travelling Lady
It broke her gypsy heart to settle down but she did it for her boys. To give up her freedom was like trapping a bird in a cage, but she never complained. She only broke one promise to us — she said she would never leave us. I miss her everyday of my life.

The Wind and The Rain
"Deceit for freedom. I can't be there but don't leave me. Tell me you love me and then it's all right." The future is gone and the past is where your life remains forever.

America Cried
This rendering goes back in time to the not so distant past when Ireland was riddled with the blight and famine which killed so many, changed so many lives and indeed changed the world. But the heartbreak and heartache that it caused can never be measured. And all they wanted to do was live a good life, rear a family and continue. It's a father's pride in his land of birth and a son's education about his heritage.

The Liffey Walls
It's just an old fashioned love song about an old Dublin couple who have seen life and lived life to the fullest. They have survived to be able to still dance and love life and talk about all the times they've shared, good and bad.

My Song of Emigration
This a song about young men who emigrated looking for work, never made it and couldn't return home because their pride would not let them. They still hold Ireland in their hearts and dreams.

Óró, Óró
The country is again on the move trying to find work at home but having to get out and search the distant shores of the world — while the politicians seem to manage to waste vast sums of taxpayers money on ridiculous unworkable schemes. And they're still at it — the corruption, sheer greed and disregard for thousands of the people they're supposed to represent. Will it ever change?

Railway Square
We've all done it — waiting, watching, wondering, thinking, reflecting, trying to make the right decision.

6,000 Lonely Miles
And that's what it was — San Francisco and far sway from home.

Walking With Me Darlin'
My mother and father met at Puck Fair and got married in Castleisland. This about them "walking out" before hand — or for anyone else who "walked with their darlin."

Mrs. A
Drink! Never again! How many times have I heard it said but we still come to caress her in times of joy and despair. She's always there waiting with open arms and we all love her with a passion. She is the lover of all lovers and we would all love to stay with her. Well your fresh and welcome and see me again, son. Never!

Dark Side of the World
I played a concert in Mountjoy a few years ago for the prisoners there and a young man from Ballyfermot spoke to me after about his guilt at the hurt he had caused his mother by getting into trouble. She put a brave face on it always when visiting, but he knew how it rendered her heart to see him there.