Eric Bogle   •   Singing the Spirit Home (AUS)

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  • Singing The Spirit Home
    • 1986 - Larrikin LRF186 LP (AUS)
  • Side One
    1. An Old Song
    2. Lifeline
    3. Singing the Spirit Home
    4. Twenty Years Ago
    5. All The Fine Young Men (Eric Bogle, John Munro)
  • Side Two
    1. Leaving the Land
    2. Australian Through and Through (Tony Miles)
    3. Lancelot and Guinevere
    4. Silo (Judy Small)
    5. Shelter

  • Musicians
    • Eric Bogle: Acoustic Guitar & Lead vocals
    • Brent Muter: Electric Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar Harmony Vocals
    • Andy McGloin: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Drums Piano & Synthesiser, Harmony Vocal
    • John Munro; Acoustic Guitar, Mandola, Electric Guitar
    • Phil Cuneen: Piano, Flute, Bagsyns
    • Brian Porter: Violin
    • Quentin Eyers: Synthesiser
    • John Schumann: Acoustic Guitar, Percussion (appears courtesy of CBS Records)
  • Credits
    • Produced by John Schumann
    • Recorded & Mixed at Studio 202, Adelaide, Australia
    • Engineered & Mixed by Phil Jones
    • Sleeve Design: John Byrne
    • Front cover photography Gerry Ruston
    • All songs, words & music by Eric Bogle — unless otherwise noted.
    • Thanks to the Adelaide Guitar Doctor, Neil Andrews, for the Telecaster; to John Lyons for the Stratocastor; to Peter Brook for the Gremlin Elimination and to Margie for the coffee.
    • First issued Larrikin Records 1986