The Dublin City Ramblers   •   Dublin City Ramblers

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  • Dublin City Ramblers
    • 1979 - HARP (Pickwick) HPE 610 LP (IRL)
  • Side One
    1. A Nation Once Again (Thomas Davis, Trad. Arr. Dublin City Ramblers)
    2. Take It Down
    3. Eamon An Cnoic
    4. The Old Triangle (Brendan Behan)
    5. The Waxie's Dargle
    6. Bold Fenian Men (Kearney)
  • Side Two
    1. The Men Behind The Wire (Paddy McGuigan)
    2. Carolans Concerto
    3. The Foggy Dew
    4. God Save Ireland (T. D. O'Sullivan)
    5. The Beggerman
    6. The Orange & The Green (Antony Murphy)

  • Credits
    • All tracks: Trad. Arr. Dublin City Ramblers, unless otherwise noted.

Sleeve Notes

The Dublin City Ramblers are one of Ireland's foremost ballad groups having played the length and breadth of Ireland not to mention their forays into Europe and the U.S.A. Night after night the boys play to packed hostelries, many of the numbers included on this album and if you fail to recognise any of the numbers then the lads would like to know where you've been.have also borne in mind the fact that we are Irish and should respect the ideals and aims of great Irishmen who were and still are prepared to suffer and die so that Ireland may be A NATION ONCE AGAIN.