Christy Moore   •   Smoke and Strong Whiskey [CD]

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  • Smoke and Strong Whiskey
    • 1991 - Newberry CM 0002-2 CD
  • Tracklist
    1. Welcome to The Cabaret (C. Moore)
    2. Fairytale Of New York (S. McGowan)
    3. Scapegoats (E. Cowan, C. Moore)
    4. Aisling (S. McGowan, C. Moore)
    5. Burning Times (C. Murphy)
    6. Smoke & Strong Whiskey (Page, Boylan, Moore)
    7. Whacker Humphries (C. Moore)
    8. Blackjack County Chains (R. Lane)
    9. Green Island (E. McColl)
    10. Encore (C. Moore)

  • Credits
    • Produced by Walter Samuel, Avert Abbing
    • Recorded at Westland Studios, Dublin
    • Tape Op: Mary McShane
    • Mixed by Walter Samuel And Avert Abbing At ICP Studios, Brussels
    • Mastered by Tim Young and John Davis at The Hit Factory, London
    • Designed by Tony St. Ledger for Helme Partnership Dublin
    • Photography: Conor Horgan
    • Front Cover Photography: Martin Riedl
    • Management Mattie Fox
    • Thanks To: Mattie Fox, Jim Donohoe, Pat Cassells, Bernie Cronogue, Deirdre Costello, Mary McShane, Helen Connaughton, Andrew Boland, Steven Cooney