Barleycorn   •   A Song for Ireland - The Very Best of the Barleycorn

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  • A Song for Ireland - The Very Best of the Barleycorn
    • 2007 -Dolphin DOL3CD 04 CD [x3] (IRL)
  • Disc One
    1. A Song For Ireland (Colclough)
    2. Cavan Girl (Moore)
    3. Portland Town (Adams)
    4. Dublin In My Tears (Phelan)
    5. The Roseville Fair (Staines)
    6. Long Before Your Time (McEvoy)
    7. Over My Mountains (MacLean)
    8. Charlie On The M.T.A. (Trad. Arr. Steiner, Hawes)
    9. Mary's Song (Boyle)
    10. The Lakes Of Coolfinn (Trad. Arr. Barleycorn)
  • Disc Two
    1. My Last Farewell (O'Meara, O'Meara)
    2. The Bramble and The Rose (Trad. Arr. Barleycorn)
    3. The Mary Ellen Carter (Rogers)
    4. Roll On The Day (Taylor)
    5. The Heather Breeze & My Love Is In America (Trad. Arr. Barleycorn)
    6. Leaving Enniskillen (McGettigan)
    7. Róisin (O'Meara, O'Meara)
    8. Candlelight and Wine (Cop.Con)
    9. Sing An Irish Song (O'Meara, O'Meara)
    10. Far Away In Australia (Work, Barleycorn)
    11. The Grandfather Clock (Unknown)
    12. Songs Of Home (Graham)
  • Disc Three
    1. It's Good To See You (Taylor)
    2. Hard Times (Trad. Arr. Barleycorn)
    3. The Keeper (Hennessy)
    4. We The People (Romanoff)
    5. A Place In The Choir (Staines)
    6. Carrickfergus (Trad. Arr. Barleycorn)
    7. Back Home In Derry (Sands)
    8. The Blarney Roses (Trad. Arr. Barleycorn)
    9. Dressed In Green and Gold (Bogle)
    10. The Day Of The Clipper (Romanoff)
    11. The Punch and Judy Man (Connolly)
    12. Reels (Trad. Arr. Barleycorn)
    13. Pat Murphy's Meadow (Trad. Arr. Barleycorn)
    14. Tie Me Down (MacGillivray)
    15. Lamour Avenue (Unknown)
    16. When We Danced To An Old Fashioned Tune (McEvoy)

  • The Barleycorn
    • John Delaney: Vocals, Banjo, Guitar & Mandolin
    • Derek McCormack: Vocals, Guitar & Bass
    • Paddy Sweeney: Vocals & Guitar (CD 1)
    • Dennis O'Rourke: Fiddle, Vocals & Guitar (CD 1 & 2)
    • Maurice McCarthy: Fiddle, Guitar, Vocals & Recorder (CD 3)
  • Credits
    • Design & Artwork: Dermot O'Connor & Assoc. Ltd.

Sleeve Notes

Following on from the phenomenal success of Barleycorn in the 70s, a new line-up emerged featuring the late Derek McCormack, one of the finest voices of his generation. This resulted in a change of direction for the band, showcasing Derek's fine, melodic and lyrical voice. The three albums featured in this collection are taken from that period.

A Song For Ireland — In 1985, Barleycorn released a successful single, "Portland Town", which remained in the Irish charts for 12 weeks. The album was released later that year and included their other hits, "Song for Ireland" and "Cavan Girl"..

My Last Farewell — This album was released in 1987 and featured the song, "Róisin". This achieved outstanding success in Australia, and established the group as a major act down under..

Green And Gold — "Green and Gold," a beautiful song written by Eric Bogle about Australia, is the title track from this album, which was released circa 1992. Other highlights include, "Carrickfergus", "The Blarney Roses" and "A Place in the Choir".