Barleycorn   •   A Song for Ireland

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  • A Song for Ireland
    • 1987 - Dolphin DOLX 9004 LP (IRL)
  • Side One
    1. A Song For Ireland (Phil and June Colclough)
    2. My Cavan Girl (Moore)
    3. Portland Town (Steve Romanoff)
    4. Dublin In My Tears (Brendan Phelan)
    5. Roseville Fair (Bill Staines)
  • Side Two
    1. Long Before Your Time (Johnny McEvoy)
    2. Over The Mountain (D. McLean)
    3. Charlie on the MTA (J. Steiner, B. Lomax Hawes)
    4. Mary's Song (Eric Bogle)
    5. Lake Of Coolfin (Trad. arr. Barleycorn)

  • The Barleycorn
    • John Delaney: Vocals, Banjo & Mandolin
    • Derek McCormack: Vocals, Guitar & Bass
    • Dennis O'Rourke: Fiddle, Vocals & Guitar
    • Paddy Sweeney: Vocals & Guitar

Sleeve Notes

A Song for Ireland is a song of hope and a prayer for peace in this beautiful but troubled land. It could also be seen as an anthem for those many millions — relations and friends — who have visited these shores, and indeed for all those who seek justice and freedom throughout the world.

This unique selection of Irish Ballads by one of our most popular and long established groups superbly reflects something of the quality of the Irish experience. The Barleycorn sing not for Ireland alone, but for our friends everywhere.