Barley Bree   •   The Best of Barley Bree

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  • The Best of Barley Bree
    • 1995 - Shanachie 52039 CD (USA)
  • Tracklist
    1. The Wild Colonial Boy (Trad.)
    2. Castles In the Air (Swithenbank)
    3. Eleanor Kane's, Dealer's Fancy & Lough Giel (jigs) (Trad. Arr. Sweeney, O'Donnell, O'Hagan, Sweeney)
    4. No Man's Land (Eric Bogle)
    5. Lord of The Dance (Sydney Carter)
    6. Flight of Earls (L. O'Reilly)
    7. Aughamore, Bush in Bloom & McFadden's (Reels) (Trad. arr. Barley Bree)
    8. The Rathlin Island Boat Song (B. Connors)
    9. Clare To Here (Ralph McTell)
    10. Brendan's Fair Isle (J. Driftwood)
    11. Tom's Wager, Road to Muff & Sixpenny Money (Jigs) (Trad. Arr. & Adpt. Barley Bree)
    12. Anthem for The Children (T. Sweeney)
    13. Ducks of Magheralin (Trad.)
    14. Rape of Glencoe (J. Maclean)
    15. Morning Star, Lady on the Island & Copper Plate (Reels) (Trad.)
    16. If I Was A Blackbird (Trad. Arr. & Adpt. Delia Murphy)
    17. Paddy On the Railway (Trad.)
    18. The Youth of The Heart (S. Carter, D. Swann)
    19. Ireland My Home (F. Brolly)

  • Barley Bree
    • Jimmy Sweeney
    • Tom Sweeney
    • P.V. O'Donnell
  • Credits
    • Produced & Compiled by Barley Bree
    • Art Direction: Joan Pelosi
    • Digital Mastering: Robert Vosgien, CMS Digital, CA