Barley Bree   •   Anthem for the Children

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  • Anthem for the Children
    • 1989 - Shanachie 52020 Cassette (USA)
  • Side One
    1. The Wild Colonial Boy (Trad.)
    2. Anthem for The Children (T. Sweeney)
    3. Jigs: Knights of St. Patrick, Mist in the Meadow, Bill Rush's (Trad.)
    4. The Ballyronan Maid (Trad.)
    5. Brendan's Fair Isle (J. Driftwood)
    6. The Marino Waltz (J. Sheahan)
    7. Solder's Joy (J. Driftwood)
  • Side Two
    1. Flight of Earls (L. O'Reilly)
    2. Don't Cry in Your Sleep (J. MacLean)
    3. Kit O'Connor's, The Pinch of Snuff, Crooked Road to Dublin (Trad.)
    4. Bound for Australia (Trad.)
    5. Bridin Ban Mo Stoir (Trad.)
    6. The Coolin (Trad.)
    7. Lord of The Dance (Sydney Carter)

  • Barley Bree
    • Jimmy Sweeney: Vocals, Guitars, 4 String & 5 String Banjos, Cittern & Bodhran
    • Tom Sweeney: Vocals, Guitars, Whistles, Harmonica & Snake Drum
    • P.V. O'Donnell: Fiddles & Vocals
  • Musicians
    • Stephen Wainwright: Bass
    • Jay Hettler: Keyboards & Synthesizer
  • Credits
    • Recorded & Mixed at Morning Star Communications, Ambler, Pennsylvania
    • Engineers: Glen Barratt, Jay Hettler & Paul Krueger
    • Photography: Candids By Carol

The Wild Colonial Boy — Adventure stories abound in folk song and the chorus of this great traditional favourite rings with defiance.

Anthem for The Children — A quiet plea for peace in Ireland. Tomorrow belongs to the children and in their lively innocence rests all hope. Written by Tom Sweeney.

Knights of St. Patrick, Mist in the Meadow, Bill Rush's — Three lively Irish jigs from the endless treasure store at Irish dance music.

The Ballyronan Maid — A tender love song from Ulster in which the maid puts her lover to the test of faithfulness. All ends happily. Jimmy sings this one.

Brendan's Fair Isle — Much has been written on the legendary voyages of Ireland's St. Brendan the Navigator. This is a light-hearted account of one of them.

The Marino Waltz — A tune composed by our good friend and Dubliner, John Sheahan and named after an area of his native city.

Solder's Joy — The "bare footed boys" of the American War of Independence were not averse to a tune or two after the fighting!

Flight of Earls — A musical account of the plight of 1980's emigration from Ireland. The writer compares it to the Flight of Earls in 1603.

Don't Cry in Your Sleep — A mother sings to her baby as they await the boat for the New World after the disgrace of the Highland evictions in Scotland.

Kit O'Connor's, The Pinch of Snuff, Crooked Road to Dublin — Irish traditional musicians have a great leaning towards the playing of reels. Here is a medley of three.

Bound for Australia — Irishmen are to be found in virtually every part of the world. This fellow going off to Australia has a positive attitude to his prospects — and about himself!

Bridin Ban Mo Stoir — A beautiful song about a "wandering minstrel man in love." Learned from the singing of Corkman, Seán O'Se. The title is Gaelic and means "Fair Brigid, My Darling".

The Coolin — Surely one of the oldest and most lovely of all our slow airs and one of our most requested pieces. P.V. does the honors.

Lord of The Dance — A joyful song about the man who plays the tune we all dance to. Join us in the chorus!