The Wolfe Tones   •   Rebels and Heroes

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  • Rebels and Heroes
    • 2003 - Celtic Collections CCCD635 CD [x2] (IRL)
  • Disc One
    1. A Nation Once Again (T. Davis)
    2. Never Beat The Irish (Part 1 Live) (B. Warfield)
    3. Bodenstown Churchyard (Trad. Arr. Warfield, Nagle, Byrne)
    4. Bold Robert Emmet (Trad. Arr. Warfield, Nagle, Byrne)
    5. The Protestant Men (B. Warfield)
    6. Women of Ireland (B. Warfield)
    7. Boys of the Old Brigade (P. McGuigan)
    8. The Rebel (P. Pearse, B. Warfield)
    9. The West Awake (Trad. Arr. Warfield, Nagle, Byrne)
    10. The Devil is Dead (S. McCarthy, Trad. Arr. Warfield, Nagle, Byrne)
    11. United Men (B. Warfield)
    12. Only Our Rivers Run Free (M. MacConnell)
    13. Gra Mo Croi (Trad. Arr. Warfield, Nagle, Byrne.)
    14. Teddy Bears Head (B. Warfield)
    15. Hyland Paddy (S. McCarthy)
    16. They don't play our songs on Radio (B. Warfield)
  • Disc Two
    1. Never Beat The Irish (Part 2) (B. Warfield)
    2. Kevin Barry (Trad. Arr. Warfield, Nagle, Byrne)
    3. God Save Ireland (Trad. Arr. Warfield, Nagle, Byrne)
    4. Soldiers Return (B. Warfield)
    5. The Connaught Rangers (B. Warfield)
    6. Get out ye Black and Tans (D. Behan)
    7. Ireland my Ireland (B. Warfield)
    8. Padraic Peatse (B. Warfield)
    9. Ireland Unfree (B. Warfield)
    10. Seán South, Broad Black Brimmer (Costello, Trad Arr, Nagle, Byrne, Warfield)
    11. Grace (F. O'Meara, S. O'Meara)
    12. Grandfather (B. Warfield)
    13. In Belfast (B. Warfield)
    14. Down by the Glenside (P. Kearney)
    15. Helicopter (B. Warfield)
    16. Joe McDonnell (B. Warfield)

  • The Wolfe Tones
    • Tommy Byrne: Vocals, Guitar
    • Noel Nagle: Vocals, Whistles
    • Brian Warfield Vocals, Banjo
  • Musicians
    • Maire Breaghneach: Fiddle
    • Noel Healy: Accordion
    • Kiev Connolly: Keyboard
    • John Kearns: Bass
  • Credits
    • Recorded at Beach Park Studio by Darragh Winston.
  • Track Sources

Sleeve Notes

This CD is a limited edition of 32 rebel songs from the greatest rebel band the Wolfe Tones, who have gained a reputation as the foremost in the field.

To celebrate their 40th Anniversary we offer you this collection of historic songs and ballads both new and old. The Tones have dedicated over 40 years of their lives to telling Ireland's story. They were always consistent and unlike others were not jumping on and off bandwagons whenever it suited. They documented events of our time and sang of days gone by. These are the Bards of our generation and will be recognized as such.

Why haven't the English or their sympathisers accepted the facts of Irish history and the part they played in it instead of continuously rejecting, passing laws and banning the singers and poets that tell it. When will they grow up and be mature enough as our neighbours or fellow countrymen to listen and except the native Irish or the opposing point of view. Why are they in denial of their involvement in the history of Ireland, is it because they can't face the truth of their cruelty and greed of their past. Maybe they don't like the reflection in the mirror. The music reflects historical events and doesn't create them. After 800 years of oppression they surely cannot expect songs like the Kind Kind Cromwellian The Jolly Black and Tan, Thanks for taking my Land I preferred to starve. I love those Penal laws. The sporting hangman. The happy torturer. It's a grand ole hat but I prefer a pitch cap. Give us another famine it keeps the population down. This their story not ours. We must not be afraid to let people know when they were wrong, history has a terrible knack of repeating its self, listen to the peoples songs. That's the story of the people. Remember the English were the creators of sectarianism. They used division and religion as a weapon to control and conquer many lands across the world and left a trail of shame behind. It's because of the invasions, conquests, greed, murder, plunder, imposed religious divisions, despotic and tyrannical governments that the people of Ireland rebelled and gave birth to the Rebel song. They are non sectarian. It is imbedded in both the Catholic and Protestant traditions and remember that almost every rebel leader between 1691 and 1916 with the exception of Daniel O'Connell were Protestants. So don't shoot the messenger. Up the Rebels!