The Wolfe Tones   •   Sing Out For Ireland (USA)

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  • Sing Out for Ireland
    • 1993 - Shanachie 52034 CD (USA)
  • Tracklist
    1. Flight of Earls (Liam Reilly)
    2. Croppy Boy (Trad. Arr. Tommy Byrne)
    3. The Impartial Police Force (Derek Warfield)
    4. Janey Mac I'm Nearly 40 (Brian Warfield)
    5. Carolan's Favourite (Planxty Mary O'Neill, Trad. Arr. Derek Warfield, Brian Warfield, Tommy Byrne & Noel Nagle)
    6. The Guilford 4 (Brian Warfield)
    7. Annabell (Brian Warfield)
    8. St. Patrick's Day (Derek Warfield)
    9. Radio Toor-I-Li-Ay (Brian Warfield)
    10. Paddy's Night Out (Brian Warfield)
    11. Great Fenian Ram (Derek Warfield)
    12. Bonny Mary of Argyle (Trad. Arr. Tommy Byrne)
    13. Gra Mo Chroi (Trad. Arr. Noel Nagle)
    14. Kiss the Ould Mother, Hug The Old Man (Derek Warfield)
    15. A Soldier's Song (Derek Warfield)

  • The Wolfe Tones
    • Derek Warfield, Brian Warfield, Noel Nagle & Tommy Byrne
  • Musicians
    • Bass Guitar: Noel Guthrie
  • Credits
    • Producer: Bill Sommerville-Large
    • Engineer: Fred Meuer
    • String Arr.: Jack Bayle
    • Recorded at Windmill, Lane Recording Studio
    • Design: Bill Murphy, MSDI
    • Photography: Photo Graphs Unlimited
    • Art Direction: Stefan Grossman
    • Booklet Desgin: Joan Pelosi
    • Digital Mastering: Robert Vosgien, CMS Digital, California
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