The Wolfe Tones   •   Live Alive-Oh

  • Live Alive-Oh
    • 1992 - Shanachie SHA 52029 CD (USA)
  • Tracklist
    1. Botany Bay (B. Warfield, D. Warfield, T. Byrne, N. Nagle)
    2. Slievenamon (Kickham, Walton, Kearney, Stanley)
    3. Some Say the Divil is Dead (S. McCarthy, D. Warfield)
    4. Highland Paddy (S. McCarthy)
    5. Princess Royal (Trad. Arr. Wolfe Tones)
    6. Seán South of Garryowen (King & Costello)
    7. The Boys of Fair Hill (Trad. Arr. B. Warfield, D. Warfield, T. Byrne, N. Nagle)
    8. Snowy Breasted Pearl (Trad. Arr. B. Warfield, D. Warfield, T. Byrne, N. Nagle)
    9. On The One Road (F. O'Donovan)
    10. The Boys of The Old Brigade (P. McGuigan)
    11. Banna Strand (Trad. Arr. Wolfe Tones)
    12. Paddy's Dream (Poem) (Cop. Con)
    13. Broad Black Brimmer (Cop. Con)
    14. James Connolly (Trad. Arr. Wolfe Tones, Poem Liam McGowan)
    15. Fiddlers Green (Cop. Con.)
    16. Tri Coloured Ribbon (P. Carney)
    17. God Save Ireland (Trad. Arr. B. Warfield)
    18. Get Out Ye Black & Tans (D. Beahan)
    19. A Nation Once Again (Trad. Arr. Wolfe Tones)

  • The Wolfe Tones
    • Derek Warfield, Brian Warfield, Noel Nagle & Tommy Byrne
  • Musicians
    • Bass Guitar: Pat Keohane
  • Credits
    • Producer: Bill Somerville-Large
  • Other releases include …
    • Live Alive-Oh (1980, IRL)
    • The original 1980 vinyl release includes 5 additional tracks — "Whelan's Frolics", "Twice Daily", "Rock on Rockall", "Travelling Doctor's Shop" & "Big Strong Man"