Watt Nicoll   •   Wee Carry Out

  • Wee Carry Out
    • 1976 - Grampian MOR4027 LP
  • Side One
    1. Annie Laurie (Trad. Arr. Nicoll)
    2. The Scottish Cowboy (Parody by Watt Nicoll)
    3. The Other Side of Me (Sedaka)
    4. Home Town (Nicoll, Heathsde)
    5. The Scottish Working Man Blues (Nicoll)
  • Side Two
    1. Auld Scots Songs Melody
      1. Roaming In the Gloaming (Harry Lauder)
      2. Ye Banks And Braes (Trad. Arr. Nicoll)
      3. My Ain Folk (Trad. Arr. Nicoll)
    2. Flower Of Scotland (Williamson)
    3. Liberty (Weir & Williamson)
    4. Pipe Selection (Trad. Arr. Nicoll)
      1. Heilen Laddie
      2. Morning Has Broken
      3. No Awa to Bide Awa

  • Credits
    • Recorded Live in The Dee Club Dundee
    • ADesign Artwork & Printing: The Graham Falconer Visual Arts Group
  • Notes
    • Information on this release comes from outside sources.

Sleeve Notes

"Watt Nicoll's" material has always been torn between wit and patriotism! The past ten years has seen him peddle these two assets between script writing for established artistes such as Norman Wisdom, Russel Hunter etc. and his own television series on Grampian T.V.!

Then came 75, his show virtually barnstormed round the clubs of Scotland, playing to capacity every night of the week with return bookings being demanded before the second half began. Television, writing and recording, figure in future plans but meantime the show is too solidly booked to consider anything other than live performances!

Even tours abroad have been turned down! If you want to enjoy the Watt Nicoll show you come to Scotland and hope you can get lucky and lay hands on a ticket.

This record includes the entire cast, with the beautiful and talented Doreen Swan singing and playing a host of instruments and the support of the Nith Valley Showband!

The audience are all members of the Dee Club in Dundee and the atmosphere is electric. The material is raw and wild and if you are a Scot the record is an absolute must! If you are not a Scot then this is a privileged opportunity to share an evening with the greatest people in the world!