The Tannahill Weavers   •   Passage (NLD)

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  • Passage
    • 1983 - Stoof MU 7490 LP (NLD)
  • Side One
    1. Marie Christine (Gordon Lightfoot), The Coach House Reel (Alan MacLeod)
    2. Lady Dysie
    3. Harris and the Mare (Stan Rogers)
    4. Phuktiphanno, John Mackenzie's Fancy
    5. The Highland Laddie
  • Side Two
    1. At The End Of A Pointed Gun (William Laskin, Trad.)
    2. The Flowers Of Bermuda (Stan Rogers)
    3. Summer In America, Biddy From Sligo
    4. Drink A Round (Bill Bourne)

  • The Tannahill Weavers
    • Roy Gullane: vocals, acoustic guitars, tenor banjo, mandoline
    • Alan MacLeod: bagpipes, mandoline, whistle, bodhrán
    • Bill Bourne: vocals, bouzouki, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, fiddle, keyboards, bass pedals
    • Phil Smillie: vocals, flute, whistle, bodhrán, keyboards
  • Musicians
    • Tod MacLeod: drums
    • Hans Hollestelle: lead guitar on "Marie Christine"
  • Credits
    • Recorded at Farmsound Studio, Heelsmn, Holland
    • Produced by the Tannahill Weavers
    • Engineer: WH Hesen
    • Executive Producer: Ben MatUjssen
    • Artwork & lay-out: Wim Gilbers
    • Photography: Mark Edward Atkinson
    • P + C 1983 a MUNICH RECOROS, Holland Production
    • All tracks: Trad. Arr. The Tannahill Weavers, unless otherwise noted.
  • Notes
    • There are 2 completely different TW recordings titled Passage, containg most of the same songs.
    • This, the original release, was recorded in Holland (the Netherlands).
    • " The group was unhappy enough with the quality of that original release to re-record it in the USA for the release there."
    • Tracks (songs) 7 & 8 are not included on the USA release.

Sleeve Notes

The Passage of the years goes ever on, from spring, with its promise of things to come, to winter with its warm, wood fired ries of what has gone before. As you sail the sea of life the wind always blow on your back.

The Passage album was recorded at Farmsound Studios, Heelsum, Holland in April 1983. On this album we have chosen to play, not only music from our native Scotland, but also a few of the many songs we have heard and fllen in love with, on our travels to North America.

Many thanks to those very gifted and imaginative writers, whose songs have a permanent residence in our hearts. Particularly Stan Rogers and William "Grit" Laskin whose talents are astounding. Thanks also to the "wee man" Tod MacLeod for drumming on at "At the end of a pointed gun" and "Marie Christine". To use your own words "just brill man". Finally, to all our friends, both Golda Silver, who have helped us over the years by simply being there. We thank you one and all.