Jake Thackray   •   Bantam Cock

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  • Bantam Cock
    • 1972 - EMI/Columbia SCX 6506 LP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Bantam Cock
    2. Fine Bay Pony
    3. The Singer
    4. The Girl With The Fragile Eyes
    5. Go Little Swale
    6. Jolly Captain
    7. Isabel Makes Love Upon National Monuments
  • Side Two
    1. Brother Gorilla (Le Gorille) (Brassens, Thackray)
    2. The Girl In The Window
    3. It Was Only A Gypsy
    4. Old Molly Metcalfe
    5. Sister Josephine
    6. Lullaby

  • Credits
    • Musical Direction by Geoff Love
    • Produced by Norman Newell
    • Front cover photograph by kind permission of Lou Bifulco (Broughton Farm, Finchampstead)
    • All tracks written by Jake Thackray, unless otherwise noted
    • © 1972

Sleeve Notes

JAKE THACKRAY was born in Leeds, 1938. Educated at St. Michael's College and Durham University. Taught for ten years in France and North England. Is married and has three sons. Refuses to give any other information, save this —

"My bantams did not stay in their coop. Every day at bantamfart they rose in formation over their close mesh wire over the house top and the motorbike shed and then down in a blissful glide to my vegetable seed beds. There they spent a leisurely day scratching and peering, picking, gulping, fluffing their backsides in the fine, dry soil, to return to the coop at night tired, but happy, for a good night's roost."

"To stop their flying and save my vegetables, I crept one night into their house and while they were dreaming, cut off their right armpit feathers: the day after they flew over the wire at a slant. I shaved their left armpits; they climbed up the wire claw over claw: I made the wire twelve foot high. They constructed a large vaulting horse and while some practised ostentatiously all day, others strolled around the compound surreptitiously shaking dust down their trouser legs."

"I took down all the wire and got a spunky cockerel and they stayed at home all day."

"I tell you this to avoid telling you anything else. It is songs that count and not the singer. Listen to the songs. If you don't like them much talk to members of the opposite sex. Or go to bed early."

"Or both."