Silly Wizard   •   Glint of Silver

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  • Glint of Silver
    • 1986 - Green Linnet SIF 1070 LP (USA)
  • Side One
    1. Roarin' Donald (A.M. Stewart)
    2. The Man Who Shot The Windmill (P. Cumningham)
    3. A Glint Of Silver (P. Cumningham)
    4. The Secret Portrait (P. Cumningham)
    5. Wha'll Be King But Cherlie? (Trad Arr. Silly Wizard)
    6. Lover's Heart (A.M. Stewart/P. Cumningham)
    7. When Summer Ends (P. Cumningham)
  • Side Two
    1. The Chill Eastern Winds (A.M. Stewart)
    2. Willie Archer (Trad Arr. Silly Wizard)
    3. Simon Mackenzie's Welcome To His Twin Sisters (P. Cumningham)
    4. Farewell To "The Heb" (P. Cumningham)
    5. The Blackbird Of Sweet Avondale (Trad Arr. Silly Wizard)

  • Silly Wizard
    • John Cunningham: Fiddles
    • Martin Hadden: Bass, Fretless Bass, Guitar
    • Phil Cunningham: Accordion, Keyboards, Whistles, Mandola, Guitar (Willie Archer), Vocals
    • Gordon Jones: Guitar, Bodhrán
    • Andy M. Stewart: Lead Vocals, Tenor Banjo
  • Musicians
    • Kathy Stewart: Backing vocals on Lover's Heart and The Chill Eastern Winds
  • Credits
    • Arranged and Produced by Silly Wizard
    • Recorded and mixed at R.E.L. Studios. Edinburgh. Scotland March-May 1986
    • Recording engineer: Alistair George
    • Mixing engineer: Neil Ross
    • Front cover design by Ken Mitchell
    • Front cover photography Alex von Koschembahr
    • Back cover by Robert Farrell
    • Photographs of Silly Wizard and Kathy Stewart © 1986 Stanley Rowin
    • Notes by Silly Wizzard
    • Thanks to: Sharon Davis,Carolyn, Joe, and all at R.E.L., Wendy Newton, John Clark, Clinkscales of Melrose, Karen, Jackie, Donna, Kathy and all at the Fludigarry Hold.