Silly Wizard   •   Live In America

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  • Live in America
    • 1985 - Green Linnet SIF 3036 LP (USA)
  • Side One
    1. Reels: The Green Fields Of Glentown; The Galtee Reel; Bobby Casey's Number Two (all Trad.) and A.B. Corsie The Lad From Orkney (Phil Cunningham)
    2. The Queen Of Argyll (Andy M. Stewart)
    3. The Valley Of Strathmore (Andy M. Stewart)
    4. The Parish Of Dunkeld
    5. The Curlew
  • Side Two
    1. The Ramblin Rover (Andy M. Stewart)
    2. The Banks Of The Lee
    3. John & Phil - Reels: The Humors Of Tulla; Toss The Feathers; Saint Anne's Reel and Lexy Mcaskill (all Trad.) & The Limerick Lasses & Jean's Reel (Bobby Macleod) and The Musical Priest (Trad.)
    4. Reels Mrs. Martha Knowles (Phil Cunningham); The Pitnacree Ferryman & The New Bob

  • Silly Wizard
    • Johnny Cunningham: fiddle
    • Phil Cunningham: accordion, guitar, harmonium, keyboards, mandola, piano, Synthesizer, vocals, Whistle
    • Martin Hadden: bass, fretless bass, guitar, harmonium, piano, synthesizer, vocals
    • Gordon Jones: bodhrán, guitar, mandola, vocals
    • Andy M. Stewart: mandolin, tenor banjo, vocals, whistle
  • Credits
    • Recorded live at Sanders Theatre, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
    • Engineered by John Nagy (United States) & Neil Ross (Scotland).
    • Mixed at REL Studios, Edinburgh by Neil Ross.
    • Produced by Phil Cunningham.
    • Executive Producer: Silly Wizard
    • Thanks to Sharon Davis, Walter (theatre mix), Brian Donaghue (MC) and of course thanks to the marvelous audience at Sanders Theatre on that memorable night!
    • Sleeve artwork by Jim Hutcheson
    • Photography by Robin Gillanders