Stockton's Wing   •   Letting Go [EP]

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  • Letting Go
    • 1995 - Tara TARA CDS 11 CD (IRL)
  • Tracks
    1. Letting Go (McElholm)
    2. Jig Mayhem! (Lennon, Roche, McElholm)
    3. Hold You Forever (McElholm)

  • Stockton's Wing
    • Maurice Lennon: Fiddle, Viola, Vocals
    • Paul Roche: Flute, Whistles, Vocals
    • Eamon McElholm: Lead vocals, Guitar, Cello, Keyboards
    • David McNevin: Banjo, Mandolin
  • Musicians
    • Steve Cooney: Bass & Acoustic guitars
    • Robbie Casserly: Drums
    • Rod McVey: Hammond Organ, Keyboards
    • Noel Eccles: Percussion
    • Brendan Begley: Accordion
  • Credits
    • Produced by Shaun Davey
    • Recorded at Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin
    • Engineered & Mixed by Andrew Boland
    • Assistant Engineer: Ciarán Cahill
    • Executive Producer: John Cook
    • Design: Creative A.D.
    • Photography: Shane McCarthy

Sleeve Notes

'I was looking for attention I was singing out of time.
Staring at those faces 1 was thinking of a rhyme
But I'm coming to a cross-roads. Where do I go?'

'Life can sometimes get confusing and complicated and as a result people respond to these pressures in different ways. This is a song about being under pressure and wanting to let go.'

Eamon McElholm