Stockton's Wing   •   Light in the Western Sky

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  • Light in the Western Sky
    • 1982 - TARA 3009 LP (IRL)
  • Side One
    1. Walk Away (M. Hanrahan)
    2. The Belltable (K. Hanrahan, M. Lennon)
    3. Beneath The Shade (M. Hanrahan)
    4. Dirt Track to The Sky (M. Hanrahan)
    5. Lucy Campbell's (M. Hanrahan, P. Roche, T. Hayes, M. Lennon, K. Hanrahan)
  • Side Two
    1. The Chicago Set (Trad. Arr. Stockton's Wing)
    2. Beautiful Affair (M. Hanrahan)
    3. 4/6 Trip to London (K. Hanrahan, M. Lennon)
    4. Promenade Love (M. Hanrahan)
    5. The Golden Stud (M. Hanrahan, P. Roche, T. Hayes, M. Lennon, K. Hanrahan)
All titles arranged Stockton's Wing except Track 5 Side 2 All titles publ. Swing M.
  • Stockton's Wing
    • Mike Hanrahan: Vocals, Guitar
    • Kieran Hanrahan: Mandolin, Banjo
    • Maurice Lennon: Fiddle, Viola
    • Paul Roche: Flute, Whistle
    • Tommy Hayes: Bodhrán, Tarbuka
  • Credits
    • Produced by P.J. Curtis
    • Recorded at Windmill Lane Studios
    • Engineer: Brain Masterson
    • Assistant Engineer: Kevin Killen
    • Sleeve by Pat Musick
    • All Tracks Arranged by Stockton's Wing and P.J. Curtis
    • Excerpt from H.D. Thoreau's Journals read by Jonathan Ryan
    • Special thanks to Steve Cooney, and to James Delaney, Aine O'Connell, Asling Drury Burns, Charlie Lennon and Mick Barry.