Alan Stivell   •   Harpes Du Nouvel Age

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  • Harpes Du Nouvel Age
    • 1986 - Rounder 3094 LP (USA)
  • Side One
    1. Musique Sacrée
      1. Tremen'Ra Pep Tra (1, All Things Pass)
      2. Pedenn Ewid Breizh (Prayer For Brittany)
      3. Tremen'Ra Pep Tra (2)
      4. Spered Santel (The Spirit)
    2. Dor I (Door 1): Experimental Music (Taol-Arnod)
    3. Piberezh: Adaptation Of 3 "Piobaireachd" (Classical Bagpipe Music)
      1. Cumh Chlaibhers
      2. Lament For The Children
      3. McDonuill Of The Isles
    4. Dor II: Improvisation (Taol-Prim)
  • Side Two
    1. Rory Dall's Love Tune (Ou Tabhair Dom Do Lamh)
    2. Kervalan: Brief Excerpt From A Portion Of O'Carolan (Marbhnagh O'Neill)
    3. Luskellerezh (Lullaby, Swing)
    4. Dihun' Ta! (Awaken!) Traditional March Of My Region
    5. En Dro Inis-Arzh (Around The Isle Of Arzh)
    6. Dans Fanch Mitt
    7. Suite Écossaise
    8. Dor III: Harp' Noun! (Help Me!)

  • Musicians
    • Alan Stivell: Acoustic & Electric Celtic Harps
  • Credits
    • Production, Music and Arrangements: Alan Stivell
      • Except track: 2 — Arranged by Jord Cochevelou
    • Recording and Mixing: Fabrice Säure at Max Studios Waldberg, Croissy-sur-Seine, France
    • Mixdown and Digital Recording: Thierry Rogen at Studios Guillaume Tell
    • Mastering: Christian Orsini
    • Photography: Daniel Cariou
    • Jacket by Spencer Design

This record is a sequel to Renaissance of the Celtic Harp. This time I decided to focus exclusively on the harp, only harps, in different ways, it's true, including using them for percussion and in various other ways — but still using only the harp, except for the sounds of a stream and some wind. (I can't resist giving in to my dualsided nature sometimes).

Mostly I play a new electro-acoustic harp with metal strings that I designed myself. Michele Sangineto built it for me in Milan in November, 1984, with electronic innovations added by Lionel Gwirineg. Three other harps are also used for occasional enhancement: my father's masterpiece, Jord Cochevelou, the harp which spearheaded the harp renaissance, devised in the thirties, completed in April, 1953; the brand-new electric harp with magnetic pick-ups and crystals I conceived when I heard the Shadows and for which I did the final design over these last few years, completed in September, 1984, by Tantra; and the nylon string electro-harp by Camac.

The new Celtic harps can symbolize the entry into the Age of Aquarius. These harps have its "aquatic" character, that is, its ability to unify, unifying the Celts, mingling cultures worldwide, their styles, their techniques, downplaying and overcoming temporal distances, commingling them in a universal love.