Alan Stivell   •   E Langonned (At Langonned)

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  • E Langonned (At Langonned)
    • 1975 - Fontana 9101 500 LP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. E Parrez Langonned (Trad. Breton)
    2. Gavotenn Pourled (Trad. Breton)
    3. Planedenn (Trad. Breton, Text: Y-B. Piriou)
    4. Ne Bado Ket At Ao (Trad. Breton, Text: Y-B. Piriou)
    5. Bwthyn Fy Nain (Trad. Welsh)
    6. Ffarwel I Aberystwyth (Trad. Welsh)
    7. Briste Leathair Pheadair & Mairseal A' Chearc (Trad. Scottish)
    8. Dans Fisel, Gavotenn Ar Menez (Trad. Breton) & An Sagart Cheolnhar (Trad. Irish)
  • Side Two
    1. Bal Fisel (Trad. Breton)
    2. Deus Ganin Me D'am Bro (Trad. Breton)
    3. Jenofeva (Trad. Breton)
    4. Sagart 0 Donaill (Trad. Irish)
    5. Diougan Gwenc'hlan (Trad. Breton)
    6. Ar Voraerion (Trad. Breton, Text: Y-B. Kalloc'h)
    7. Faili Faili Oro (Trad. style in Scottish Gaelic by Calum Kennedy)
    8. Oye Vie (Trad. Isle of Man Air)

  • Musicians
    • Alan Stivell-Cochevelou: Vocals, Keltic Harp, Bombarde (Breton Flute), Irish Flute, Scotish Bagpipes
    • Yann-Jakez Hasold: Vocals
    • Dan Ar Bras: Acoustic Guitar
    • René Werneer: Fiddle
    • Alan Kloatr: Transverse Flute, Binioù-kozh (Breton Bagpipes), Bodhrán
    • Liam Weldon: Bodhrán
    • Yann-Fanch Ar Merdy: Scottish Drums
    • Loeiz Roujon: Scottish Drums
    • Jann-Lug Fauchon: Scottish Drums
    • Youenn Sicard: Bombarde
  • Credits
    • Production by Philippe Lerichomme
    • Sound Engineers: Gérard Trévignon, Joel Ar C'Hann
    • Photograpgh Front Cover: Claude Jarroir
    • Back Cover: Korentin Keo
    • Arranged by Alan Stivell
    • Translation from French: Betty Burns

Sleeve Notes

E Parrez Langonned — A young man returns from military service, his fiancée marries another man. The moral of the story congratulates the girl!

Gavotenn Pourled — The country of Pourled, in Bro-Gwened starts at the Eastern boundary of the commune of Langonned. This track is a unique opportunity for me to take it upon myself to show everyone a musical style which, far from being typically Celtic (whose influence is often strongly French) cannot tolerate any modernist. It is also an opportunity for me to prove my opposition to all systemization.

Planedenn — Based on two Airs of tamm-kreiz.

Nebadoket Atao — Text sung in kan ha diskan with a friend of mine Yann-Jakez.

Deus Ganin Me D'am Bro — Come with me to my country, young lady. I will not go to your country, young man. I'll only go when there's a wedding ring on my finger.

Jenovefa — A young man is forced by his parents to become a priest in spite of his love for Jenovefa. She pleads with him to return to her. Having failed to persuade him, she commits suicide.

Sagart O Donaill — Based on a melody very similar to the preceding one, a mother implores her son who has become a clergyman to return. I sing it dreaming of the actual pseudo-religious context.

Diougan Gwenc'hlan — The prophecy of Gwenc'hlan. Gwenc'hlan was one of the Druids most vehemently opposed to Christianity. In this song subsist some remnants of the Celtic Metaphysics: "Every man must die 3 times before finally finding peace".

Ar Voraerion — About the difficult life of fishermen of the sea.

Faili Faili Oro — A young man spends his life on the seas of the world to forget an impossible love.

Oye Vie — Good night.