Alan Stivell   •   From Celtic Roots

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  • From Celtic Roots
    • 1973 - Fontana 6325 304 LP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Susy Macguire (Trad. Arr. Stivell)
    2. Ian Morrisson Reel (Peter Mcleod, Arr. Stivell)
    3. She Moved Through The Fair (Trad. Arr. Stivell)
    4. Can Y Melinydd (Trad. Arr. Stivell)
    5. Oidhche Mhaith (Trad. Arr. Stivell)
  • Side Two
    1. An Dro Nevez (Trad. Arr. Stivell)
    2. Maro Ma Mestrez (Trad. Arr. Stivell)
    3. Brezhoneg' Raok (Alan Stivell)
    4. An Hani A Garan (Trad. Arr. Stivell)
    5. Metig (Trad. Arr. Stivell)
    6. Kimiad (Trad. Arr. Stivell)

  • Musicians
    • Alan Stivell: Celtic Harp, Songs, Scottish Bagpipes, Irish Flute, Mellotron, Tympani
    • Gabriel Yacoub: Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Dulcimer, Psalterion, Vocals
    • René Werneer: Fiddle, Vocals
    • Pascal Stive: Organ, Piano
    • Jean-Luc Hallereau: Bass, Vocals
    • Dan Ar Bras: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Vocals
    • Michel Santangelli: Drums
    • Marie Yacoub: Spoons, Vocals
    • Elyane Werneer: Vocals
    • Mireille Werneer: Vocals
    • Michel Delaporte: Wind Instruments
    • Bagad Bleimor: Bagpipes, Bombardes, Scottish Drums
  • Credits
    • Producer: Franck Giboni
    • Recorded at Château d'Hérouville
    • Sound Engineer: Dominique Blanc Francard
    • Photos: J.F. Puthod, J. Auber, C. Jarroir
    • Illustration: Alan Stivell, Jean-Luc Hallereau

Sleeve Notes


Firstly, to be as committed as possible. To express myself totally, as sincerely as possible, governed by my roots — Celtic — my era — electronic — my influences — classical, American, oriental …

The birth of a distinctive European music, equivalent to American rock music, a truly popular music, not searching for the easy way, believing in the dignity of man.

Then, to make a new world, singing about the birth of Brittany, of the workers and their co-operatives, of the towns under the sea, cities of glass and granite, of steel, of tides and of bread.

To retrace the earthly paths before embarking towards the islands.