The Saw Doctors   •   To Win Just Once [2]

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  • To Win Just Once (2)
    • 1996 - Shamtown SAW 004CD (IRL)
  • Tracks
    1. To Win Just Once (D. Carton, L. Moran)
    2. Sound Sham (D. Carton, P. Doherty, L. Moran)
    3. Winter's Just a Dream (D. Carton, L. Moran)
    4. Green and Red of Mayo [Live] (L. Moran, D. Carton, Jarir Al-Majar)

  • Credits
    • Credits same as Shamtown SAW oo3, except:
      • Track: 4 — Recorded live at the Manchester Apollo, March 10, 1996
      • Engineer: Philip Tennant
      • Studio: Manor Mobiles
    • Additional Photography: Frank Miller
  • Notes
    • Track: 1 appears on Same Oul' Town (1996)
    • Tracks: 2 & 3 are non-album cuts, and are subsequently included on Play It Again Sham! (2002)
    • Track: 4 does not appear on any other Saw Doctors release.

Sleeve Notes

To Win Just Once
For the record, this song was written before our former keyboard player, Tony Lambert won almost £1,000,000 in the Irish Lottery.

Sound Sham
Borrowing from the vernacular of the imaginative west of Ireland trickster, there is sense in here. Truth.

Winters Just A Dream
Nearly made the “Same Oul' Town" album. The idea for the "Small Bit Of Love" sleeve of the couple walking the railway line came from the notion of this song.

Green And Red Of Mayo
The co-writer of this one, Jarir-Al-Majar (a.k.a. Jerry Mullholland) now resides in India where he has opened two schools for the street children of Calcutta. At the Hedge School they get fed, play soccer, and learn a bit. A saint of a man.