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  • Friends Demos B-Sides
    • 1994 - Shamtown SAWDOC 003CD (IRL)
  • Tracklist
    1. We're The Popsuckers (Eddie, Buddy, Bill, Big & Ringo Sucker) — The Pop Suckers
    2. Joe Wall Broke My Heart (P .Doherty, L. Moran, K. Binley, D. Carton) — The Saw Doctors
    3. Tower Of Love (A. Thistlethwaite) — Anthony Thistlethwaite
    4. All I Ever Wanted (D. Carton) — The Saw Doctors
    5. Tuam Beat (P. Stevens) — P√°draig Stephens
    6. Christmastation Border (D. Carton, L. Moran) — The Saw Doctors
    7. Everybody Dreams (P. Cunniffe) — Paul Cunniffe
    8. At Least Pretend (D. Carton, L. Moran) — The Saw Doctors
    9. Dear Mary (D. Carton, L. Moran) — The Saw Doctors
    10. Dream Girl (D. Carton, L. Moran) — The Saw Doctors
    11. Trip To Tipp (D. Carton, L. Moran, M. Scott) — The Saw Doctors
    12. Howya Julia (D. Carton, L. Moran) — The Saw Doctors

Sleeve Notes

We're The Popsuckers — In the mid-sixties, The Popsuckers were one of the top bands on the circuit in the North East corner of the United States, scoring numerous hits including Is She Your Sister and I've A Bike Outside, in 1992 they staged a re-union and came to Ireland where Eddie became very friendly with Davy and even stayed in his house in Claregalway for a couple of weeks. They released this single in Ireland only, but when it flopped completely, they returned dejected to the U.S.A.. Big Sucker is now a researcher on the David Letterman Show, Ringo works in an Italian take-away in Michigan while Eddie and Buddy sometimes entertain in their seaside bar in Red Bank, New Jersey.

Joe Wall Broke My Heart — It kept happening that all the women that Pearse fancied fell for Joe, which wasn't Joe's fault at all. He can't help it if he is tall, handsome, witty, thin, speaks with an eloquent voice, is a brilliant bass-player, dresses well, cooks imaginatively and was successful in college while only some of the above apply to Pearse.

Tower of Love — Performed by Anthony Thistlethwaite with Dave Mattacks (Drums), Martin Allcock (Bass), Tony Lambert (Hammond), Simon Clarke (Flute), Tim Sanders (Soprano Sax), Roddy Lorimer (Piccolo Trumpet), Zoe Martlew (Cello), Maire Breatnach (Violin, Viola), Steve Wickham (Fiddle), Wayne Hussey (Electric Guitar), Angie Brown and Zoe (Backing Vocals), Anthony Thistlethwaite (Slide Mandolin, guitar, mandolin and vocal). From Anthony's forthcoming album Cart Wheels on the Rolling Acres label ACRE 002CD. The Tower of Love is actually the diving tower at Blackrock in Salthill, Galway.

All I Ever Wanted — One of the first recordings of The Saw Doctors featuring, Mary O'Connor singing a song written by Davy in 1979 with Turps on lead-guitar and Padraig Stevens on drums. This was committed to tape in Tony Maher's garage studio in Renmore, Galway around 1986. The best copy we could find was a second generation cassette.

Tuam Beat — Performed by P. Stevens and Jimmy Higgins. Dedicated to Tommy Kaye Taken from the forthcoming cassette The Bunators - Special available by mail order from Tuam.

Christmastation Border — Here's Turps doing some seasonal crooning to the backing arranged by Tony (Sister Tony of the Blessed Bus), recorded in Kenny Ralph's Sun St. Studio in Tuam in 1991 amidst much laughing and merriment.

Everybody Dreams — Performed by Paul Cunniffe Paul was in Blaze X with Davy in 1980 and The Saw Doctors I Useta Lover was an extension of the Blaze X song I Used to Love Her. He moved to London in 1981 and has continued to write songs of the highest order. He will be the support act for the first four shows of this tour and performs regularly around London.

At Least Pretend — Recorded in Sun Street in January 1988 with Padraig Stevens on drums at a time when we were listening to Hank Williams every day.

Dear Mary — This was the first time we ever played the song so nobody had a clue what they were doing. Maybe that's not a bad thing at all. Recorded in Monnow Valley in February 1992 with Anthony on Sax.

Dream Girl — Recorded with Kenny when he had a four-track, with Mary O'Connor on backing vocals and Red McGrath, current manager of the Galway Arts Festival, on drums. Brilliant guitar playing from Turps.

Trip To Tipp — Co-written with Mike Scott on the way to the Feile in Thurles in 1991 where he sang And A Bang On The Ear with us during our set on the Saturday and this one as a filler spot on the Sunday, which earned us back-stage passes for an extra day. Mike banged it out in Paddy Leahy's pub in Cashel on the Saturday night in the presence of all our fathers.

Howya Julia — A light-hearted account of an incident in Irish history which combined the explosive elements of sex and religion, which was the talk of every Tom and Julia in the country in 1993. Recorded in Sun Street in September 1994, in between cups of tea, pistachio nuts and various disappearances by Kenny.