Santiano   •   Mit den Gezeiten (With the Tides)

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  • Mit den Gezeiten
    • 2013 - We Love Music 06025 3731526 CD (DEU)
  • Tracklist
    1. Gott muss ein Seemann sein (L. Hainer, H. Krech, M. Nissen)
    2. Drums And Guns — Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya (Trad. H. Krech, M. Nissen)
    3. Salz auf unserer Haut (L. Hainer, H. Krech, M. Nissen)
    4. Seemann (H. Krech, M. Nissen, A. Zuckowski)
    5. Bis in alle Ewigkeit [Wallhalla] (E. Bazilian, R. Hyman)
    6. Wir sind uns treu (L. Hainer, H. Krech, M. Nissen)
    7. Have A Drink On Me (H. Krech, M. Nissen, P. Sage, A. Zuckowski)
    8. Sieben Jahre (B. Both, H. Krech, M. Nissen, F. Ramond)
    9. Gestrandet (H. Krech, M. Nissen, A. Zuckowski) — w/Synje Norland
    10. Rolling Home (A. Fahnert, L. Hainer, H. Hinrichsen, H. Krech, M. Nissen)
    11. Marie (H. Krech, M. Nissen, F. Ramond)
    12. Great Song Of Indifference (B. Geldof)
    13. Hoch im Norden (L. Hainer, H. Krech, M. Nissen, A. Stosberg)

  • Santiano
    • Björn Both: Vocals, Bass
    • Hans-Timm (Timmsen) Hinrichsen: Vocals, Guitars
    • Pete Sage: Vocals, Violin, Accordion, Tenor Banjo
    • Axel Stosberg: Vocals, Percussion
    • Andreas Fahnert: Vocals, Guitars
  • Musicians
    • Synje Norland: Vocals (Track: 9)
    • Dirk Schlag: Guitars
    • Ingo Hampf: Lute
    • Jörn Heilbutt: Guitars
    • Sandro Friedrich: Flutes, Tin Whistle and Bagpipes
    • Stefan Pintev: Violin
    • Billy King: Backing Vocals
    • All other Instruments and Programming, Guitars, Strings and Backing Vocals: Hartmut Krech and Mark Nissen
  • Credits
    • All Tracks Arranged, Produced and Mixed by Hardy and Mark for Elephant Music GmbH
    • Photos: Michael Mey
    • Graphic Design: Artpress Grafik, Karlheinz Köpfle