Paddy Reilly   •   The Fields Of Athenry (2002)

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  • The Fields of Athenry
    • 2002 - Dolphin DOLCD 205 CD
  • Tracklist
    1. Fields Of Athenry (St. John)
    2. Bunch Of Thyme (Trad. P. Reilly)
    3. The Crack Was 90 In The Isle Of Man (Rush)
    4. John O Dreams (Bill Caddick)
    5. Scorn Not His Simplicity (Coulter)
    6. Farewell To The Rhonda (Hennessy)
    7. Mulligan And Me (Roy Taylor)
    8. Beautiful Dreamer (Trad. P. Reilly)
    9. Champion at Keeping Them Rolling (MacColl)
    10. Dancing At Whitsun (Trad. P. Reilly)
    11. Farewell to Dublin (Warfield)
    12. The Galtee Mountain Boy (Trad. P. Reilly)
    13. Farewell To Nova Scotia (Creighton)
    14. Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore (Trad. P. Reilly)
    15. Jim Larkin (John)
    16. Only Our Rivers Run Free (McConnell)

  • Track Sources & Notes
    • Tracks: 3, 6 & 10-15 are from Green Shamrock Shore (1980)
    • Tracks: 2 & 5 are from a single release in 1981 (Dolphin DOS 156)
    • Track: 1 is from a single release in 1982 (Dolphin DOS 169)
    • Tracks: 4, 7 & 8 first appeared on the original 1984 LP [1] release.
      • All Paddy Reiily album releases of "The Fields of Athenry" have slightly different track lists.

Sleeve Notes

This album features the original hit recording of Paddy Reilly's "The Fields of Athenry" with remained in the Irish Charts for over a year. Written by Pete St. John, this song has become one of the most recorded Irish ballads of all time and has also established itself as one of the great sporting anthems.

From the terraces of Glasgow Celtic's Parkhead to Landsdowne Road to Thomand Park or 'Muzzer', "The Fields … " has become entrenched in the Irish psyche. We do not always reach the promise of sporting glory, but we'll die trying and singing till we're hoarse. "Dreams And Songs To Sing" in a nut shell.