Paddy Reilly   •   The Gold and Silver Days (USA)

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  • The Gold And Silver Days
    • 1991 - Rego RCD-3950 CD [x2] (USA)
  • CD One
    1. The Gold & Silver Days (Coulter)
    2. Dirty Old Town (MacC0ll)
    3. Rose of Mooncoin (Trad. Arr. Johnny Tate)
    4. Festival of Galway (Kneasfey) — w/The Dubliners
    5. Leaving Nancy (Bogle)
    6. Scorn Not His Simplicity (Coulter, Martin)
    7. Safe in The Harbour (Bogle) — w/The Fureys
    8. The Emigrants Letter (Trad. Arr. Campbell)
    9. Raglan Road (Kavanagh)
    10. Slievenamon (Trad. Arr. Johnny Tate)
    11. Town I Loved So Well (Coulter)
  • CD Two
    1. Song for Ireland (Colclough) — w/Jim McCann
    2. The Wild Rover (Trad. Arr. Campbell) — w/The Dubliners
    3. Kilty — w/The Fureys
    4. Fields of Athenry (St. John)
    5. The Gartan Mothers Lullaby (Trail. Arr. Campbell)
    6. Flight of Earls (L. Reilly)
    7. Working Man (R. McNeill)
    8. The Dublin Minstrel (O'Donoghue)
    9. Neidin (McCarthy)
    10. Rare Ould Times (St. John) — w/The Dublin City Ramblers
    11. Heaven Around Galway Bay (Trad. Arr. Campbell)
    12. Dublin, My Dublin (P. Reilly)
    13. Isle of Inisfree (Farrelly)

  • Special Guests
    • The Dubliners
    • The Fureys
    • The Dublin City Ramblers
    • Jim McCann
  • Musicians
    • Acoustic Guitars: Des Moore, Eamonn Campbell
    • Double Bass: John Drummond
    • Piano, Keyboards: Chris Kenevey
    • String Section Leader: Alan Smale
    • Mandolin: Eamonn Campbell
    • Flute: Liz Gaffney
    • Oboe: Peter Heeley
    • 5 String Banjo: John Delaney (The Barleycorn)
    • Whistles & Fiddle: John Sheahan (The Dubliners)
    • Uileann Pipes: Finbar Furey
    • Vocal Backing: John Drummond, Pat Reilly, Mary Hilary
    • "Working Man" With The Voice Squad (Phil Calory, Jerry Cullen, Fran McPhail)
    • Accordion: Noel Healy & Paul Furey
  • Credits
    • Produced & Arranged by Eamonn Campbell, except for …
      • "The Gold The Silver Days" — Produced & Arranged by Phil Coulter
      • "Dublin, My Dublin" — Produced & Arranged by Billy Whelan
      • "Rose Of Mooncoin" — Arranged by Johnny Tate
      • "Isle Of Innisfree" & "Dublin Minstrel" — Arranged by John Drummond
    • Engineer: Bill Somerville-Large
    • Assistant Engineer: Lorcan Keogh
    • Recorded at Westland Studios
    • Executive Producer: Brian Molloy
    • Photography: Ronnie Norton Studios
    • Design & Artwork: Creative A.D.
  • Other releases include …
    • Gold and Silver Days (1991, IRL)
      • The Irish release includes 1 additional track, "When New York Was Irish", which is oddly omitted on the USA release.

Sleeve Notes

There are some songs which, though they may be almost contemporary, quickly find their way into the canon of traditional music. "THE FIELDS OF ATHENRY" by Pete St. John and "THE TOWN I LOVED SO WELL" by Phil Coulter are now as much part of our folk heritage as "DANNY BOY".

This due almost single handedly to one man. Paddy Reilly has the incomparable gift of taking a new song and making it sound as if we have known it all our lives.

On this double album, the twenty five years which Paddy Reilly has spent singing to audiences all over the world are celebrated by twenty four Golden tracks covering those eventful years.

Paddy is joined on the album by special guests The Dubliners, The Fureys, Dublin City Ramblers and Jim McCann. Eight of Paddy's classic songs are included, specially rerecorded, along with seventeen new titles, which make this the definitive Paddy Reilly album.

The title track "The Gold & Silver Days" is a new song specially written for Paddy's 25th anniversary by his friend Phil Coulter and I bet that, within months, we will hear it sung in pubs and parties all over Ireland.

Paddy Reilly can do that with a song!

Cathal McCabe (Head Of Music RTE)