Matt McGinn   •   The Return of the Two Heided Man

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  • The Return of the Two Heided Man
    • 2001 - REL Records RECD 538 CD (UK)
  • Tracklist
    1. The Big Glasgow Polis (song)
    2. The Two Heided Man (poem)
      1. Ra Dug Frae Ra Port (poem)
      2. The Prime Minister (joke)
      3. Timbuktu (poem)
    3. I Was Born 10,000 Years Ago (song) (Music Trad., Arr. Lyrics McGinn)
    4. The Silver Screw (story)
    5. St Columba and The Masons (song) (McGinn, Connolly & Harvey)
    6. The Big Effen Bee (poem)
    7. The Foreman o'Rourke (song)
    8. The Philosophy of Grun (poem)
      1. Farrer and Murrer (poem)
    9. Snowfall (song)
    10. Ra Murrer of Five (poem)
      1. My Farrer (poem)
      2. The Tay (poem)
      3. There Are Two Teams in Glasgow (poem)
      4. The One Legged Man (joke)
    11. The Dogs Party (song) (Music Trad., Arr. Lyrics McGinn)
    12. Benny Lynch (song)
    13. Billy Davidson's Twins (joke)
    14. The Big Shike (story)
    15. The Sugary Cake and Candy Man (song)
    16. The Royal Infirmary (joke)
    17. Janetta (song)
    18. Five Million Scotsmen Will Call (song)
    19. I Woke Up With The Dawning (poem)
    20. Magic Shadow Show (song)
    21. Samson (story)
    22. The Teuchter (joke)
    23. Wally Brodie (poem)
    24. We Ain't Gonna Dig No More (song)
    25. The Depth of My Ego (song)

Sleeve Notes

The Songs and Humour of Matt McGinn
From Matts' two great albums — The Two Heided Man and The Two Heided Man Strikes Again, now comes — The Return of the Two Heided Man.

The fun and humour of McGinn is unmistakable. A legend in his time, before he died at the age of 47 Matt had written hundreds of songs and many lovely, touching songs like Magic Shadow Show and Depth of My Ego. Both the albums were recorded live, one at the Edinburgh Police Club — no, he wasn't in custody at the time — and it is clear from the audience reaction that a great time was had by all and they didn't take exception to The Big Glasgow Polls'. The other album was made at the Tudor Hotel in Airdrie. Musical friends accompanying Matt at these venues were John, Mike, Brian and Roy of the Waverleys and later Jackie Jennett and Gavin Livingstone of the Skerries with Jimmy Brown. Also featured and the subject of a McGinn joke on the recording was Billy Davidson. Billy remained his accompanist and traveling companion until Matt's untimely death at the beginning of 1977. Throughout his life Matt was endowed with an intelligent wit and sparkling personality. He was essentially a Glasgow Man, but during the 12-15 years which he spent entertaining he became a legend not only in his native city, but throughout Britain and many parts of the USA and Canada. I know you will be well entertained by the many aspects of his unique personality, so well illustrated in this very enjoyable CD.

Do enjoy it!

Janette McGinn