Matt McGinn   •   Magic Shadow Show

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  • Magic Shadow Show
    • 1973 - Moonbeam M/M BR 110 EP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Magic Shadow Show
    2. The Wee Kircudbright Centipede
  • Side Two
    1. Stornoway Rose
    2. There's A One-Eyed Woman

  • Musicians
    • Matt McGinn: Vocals
    • Billy Davidson: Guitar
    • Marie Boyd: Trombone & Harmony Vocals
    • The Linconnaires: Backing Vocals
  • Credits
    • Production: Clem Dane
    • Sound Engineer: Bill Wallace
    • Cover Design: Anna Delaney
    • All songs written by Matt McGinn

Sleeve Notes

Without a doubt the most commercial release ever from Matt McGinn, the King of Folk-writers in Scotland today. He opens with an adaptation from the great Omar Khayyam entitled "Magic Shadow Show" then turns to a humorous vain with "The Wee Kircudbright Centipede". Side 2, takes us to the Highlands of Scotland to meet "Stornoway Rose" and the story of "The One Eyed Woman" of the McLeod Clan.

Accompanied by Billy Davidson (one of the finest Folk Guitarists today), Marie Boyd Trombone and Harmony and The Linconnaires a group long overdue the recognition they deserve. This a disc to bring once and for all the talents of Matt McGinn to the fore and have him achieve universal recognition alongside the Folk Greats like, Guthrie, Seeger & Dylan.

Clem Dane
Moonbeam Records