Matt McGinn   •   Tinny Can On My Tail

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  • Tinny Can On My Tail
    • 1972 - RCA International INTS 1368 LP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Tinny Can On My Tail
    2. The Gay Liberation
    3. I've Packed Up My Bags
    4. Skull and Crossbones
    5. Lady Chat (Jim McLean)
    6. Wi' Jimmy Reid and Airlie
  • Side Two
    1. Troubled Waters In My Soul
    2. Yes, Yes, U.C.S.
    3. In a Neat Little Town
    4. Rich Man's Paradise
    5. Get Up, Get Out
    6. The Ibrox Disaster

  • Musicians
    • Dixie Reilly
    • "Marjorie Harrison"
      • Seamus Flafferty Fiddle
      • Douggie Semple guitar
    • Matt McIvor
    • Mike McCrossen
    • "The Banshees"
  • Credits
    • Producer: Peter Kerr
    • All songs written by Matt McGinn unless otherwise noted

Sleeve Notes

This the music of Matt McGinn, embodying all the pawky humour and that unique gift for social comment — razor-sharp, witty and sympathetic — that belong to this multitalented son of Glasgow. All but one of the songs are his own, "Lady Chat" having been borrowed from Jim McLean.

In the title track, Matt has pointed his pen at one of the major threats to life in the modern world, — pollution!

The other songs are self-explanitory, Matt's writing talent having been drawn to the subjects concerned through their importance to his world at this time.

The tragic account of "The Ibrox Disaster" is undoubtedly the most moving piece to come from the pen of McGinn in recent years. In response to public demand, his now-famous recording of the song, released as a "single" last year, is included here.

This then is a further collection of the music of Matt McGinn, written and performed with respect to those who deserve it, and with no apologies to those who don't!

Pete Kerr