The McCalmans   •     Hard Night's Day

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  • Hard Night's Day
    • 2000 - MACS 004 CD (EUR)
  • Tracklist
    1. Don't Sit on My Jimmy Shands (Richard Thompson)
    2. Lochs of The Tay (James Malcolm)
    3. Upstairs Doonstairs & Up with The Carls Of Dysart (Trad. Arr. McCalman, Keir, Moffat)
    4. I Have Seen the Highlands (Matt McGinn)
    5. (Leave Us) Our Glens (Buff Hardie, George Donald)
    6. Instrumental (Trad. Arr. McCalman, Keir, Moffat)
      1. Alas That I Came O'er the Hill
      2. Square Da Mizzen
      3. Behind the Haystack
    7. Yellow on The Broom (Adam McNaughtan)
    8. Pills (Leon Rosselson)
    9. Kelty Clippie (John Watt)
    10. Five O'Clock in The Morning (Martin Harbourne)
    11. Wrecked Again (Ian McCalman)
    12. Goodnight Sweetheart (R. Noble)

  • The McCalmans
    • Ian McCalman, Derek Moffat & Nick Keir
  • Credits
    • Producer: Poul Martin Poulsen
    • Recorded at Skagen Festival by Danish Radio
    • Engineer: Torben Laursen
    • Assistant Engineer: Niels Andersen
    • Mastering & Graphics: Kevock Digital
    • Cover Photo: Drew Aitken
    • Inside Photos: Karl-Heinz Jasmer &; Ian McCalman
  • Notes
    • This recording marks the last appearance of founding member Derek Moffat, who passed away on October 21, 2001, at the age of 54.

Sleeve Notes

There are good folk festivals and great folk festivals and Denmark is lucky enough to have two of the finest in Europe, Tønder and Skagen. "The Macs" play with great regularity at both and this CD was recorded during the Skagen festival of summer '99. It was a crazy day for the group because they had another gig that day, on a small island. 150 miles from Skagen! They were booked to play at the wonderful Tune Jazz Festival at 12.00, midday. It was hellish weather and they arrived, pale but interesting, by boat and immediately performed in a large marquee in front of a full house of delightfully hung-over, but ecstatic, Danish jazzers great fun! They were then transported by tractor to a ploughed field which the locals laughingly called an airfield and after waiting in the rain for an hour, another tractor with wings flew in. Basically the plane was too small for three big lads and instruments, but with great skill and a couple of deals with God. they managed to bump off as the storm reached its climax. "The McCalmans" arrived in Skagen just in time for the gig and this remarkable Danish Radio recording is the result. Thanks for the photographs from Drew Aitken (colour booklet), Karl-Heinz Jasmer(opp. page) and Ian McCalman (below and insert).

Many thanks to the Nordjyllands branch of Danish Radio and particularly the producer of this CD, Poul Martin Poulsen, the engineer, Torben Laursen and the assistant engineer, Niels Andersen. The McCalmans would also like to thank The Skagen Folk Festival, for their traditional hospitality and Greentrax Recordings for giving their permission for this "extra" album. The album was mixed in Denmark and final mastering and graphics were completed at Kevock Digital (Scotland).

One of the special nights that comes up now and again … a great audience and "The Macs" on form. This concert, during The Skagen Folk Festival '99 was recorded by Danish Radio, who contacted the group some weeks after the gig and told them that they thought they had something a bit special. This is it!