The McCalmans   •     Scottish Songs

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  • Scottish Songs
    • 1986 - Ross Records WGR 092 LP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Johnnie Cope
    2. The Bonnie Maid Of Fife (Nick Keir)
    3. The Mingulay Boat Song
    4. Gin I Were Where The Gadie Rins
    5. Come A Ye Tramps and Hawker Lads
    6. Willies Gane Tae Melville Castle
  • Side Two
    1. Fare Ye Weel Ye Mormond Braes
    2. Coshieville (S. MacGregor)
    3. Bonnie Lass O Gala Water
    4. The Lion Wallace Saw (Lumsden, McCalman)
    5. Fareweel Tae Tarwathie
    6. Smuggler (Ian McCalman)

  • The McCalmans
    • Derek Moffat: vocals, guitar, mandolin and bodhrán
    • Nick Keir: vocals, guitar, mandolin, whistles, and tenor banjo
    • Ian McCalman: vocals, guitar and psaltery
  • Credits
    • Recorded at Pier House Studios, Edinburgh
    • Engineered by Peter Haigh, 1986
    • Photographs by Ian and Sandra McCalman
    • Sleeve Design: Associated Creative Services, Turriff
    • Thanks to our sources, Liz & Maggie Cruickshank, Norman Buchan, Jimmie MacBeath, Robin Hall, Jimmie MacGregor and The Edinburgh Music Library.
    • All Trad. Arr. The McCalmans, unless otherwise noted

Sleeve Notes

Scotlands best known folk group The McCalmans, sing a selection of their most requested Scottish songs taken from their popular 1986 television series, filmed throughout the Highlands of Scotland.

Surprisingly this is The McCalmans first all-Scottish album of the many they've recorded, but, judging by the tremendous reaction to the Grampian T.V. series that gave birth to the idea, it will not be their last.

The Macs have sung in almost all of the major European folk festivals, recorded 14 albums, 6 T.V. series and played every folk revival country in the world, including Australia, Hong Kong, America, New Zealand, The Falkland Islands , Canada and all of the European countries.

Derek is a Fifer, Ian and Nick are Edinburgh-born, and all share a love of things Scottish, which, hopefully can be felt in their music.