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  • McCalmans Live
    • 1980 - MACS 001 LP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. John Gunn (Alex Laing Brechin, Ian McCalman)
    2. The Birk and the Broom (Adam McNaughtan)
    3. Execution of Montrose
    4. Poor Little Angeline
    5. Seagull Cry (Faroese, Ian McCalman)
    6. The Grey Funnel Line (Cyril Tawney)
    7. The Kelty Clippie (John Watt)
  • Side Two
    1. I Wish I Were Huntin' (Tommy Makem)
    2. Banchory Bay
    3. Glow Worm (Paul Lincke, Lilla Cayley Robinson & Johnny Mercer)
    4. Shanties
    5. Campbeltown Once More (P. Gilchrist)
    6. Doon In the Wee Room
    7. Green Grow the Rashes O (Robert Burns)

  • The McCalmans
    • Ian McCalman, Derek Moffat & Hamish Bayne
  • Credits
    • Recorded in front of a very live audience at the Adam Smith Centre, Kirkaldy, Scotland, by Craighall Studio's 8-track "Mobile" in June 1980.
    • The production was the fault of the McCalmans and the photographs and cover design should be blamed on "Castle Photographic." Edinburgh.
    • All tracks: Trad. Arr. The McCalmans, unless otherwise noted

Sleeve Notes

JOHN GUNN: From the Whistle Binkie collection vol. 1. Words by Alex Laing Brechin. Tune by Ian.

THE BIRK AND THE BROOM: The Scottish songwriter Adam McNaughtan wrote this parody of the eternal triangle ballad.

THE EXECUTION OF MONTROSE: Edited from a lengthy narrative of the same name in "Lays of a Scottish Cavalier" to the tune "Garb of Old Gaul"!

POOR LITTLE ANGELINE: A confession! This was lifted off a "Roy Fox & His Orchestra" album and "McCalmanised".

SEAGULL CRY: Tune of the verse is Faroese. The rest is Ian's composition. Derek sings.

THE GREY FUNNEL LINE: by ex-submariner, Cyril Tawney.

THE KELTY CLIPPIE: By John Watt from Fife. He recorded it with Davy Stewart on their album "The Shores of the Forth"

I WISH I WERE HUNTING: "where the wild dogs are running and the rabbits and the pheasants and the hares". Impossible to sing unless you're Irish! Note: This song was written by Tommy Makem, but un-credited on the album.

BANCHORY BAY: There are two hornpipes here. The second, mish claims was learnt from Jimmy Greenan of Edinburgh but Jimmy quite rightly denies this slander, so no one knows it's name.

GLOW WORM: The Mills Brothers last British hit in 1953. Our version, it must be said, is very visual.

SHANTIES: Hanging Johnny — thought to have been written about the infamous 18th century hangman, Jack Ketch.
Haul Away the Bowline — A "Bowline shanty", the oldest form of which is given in the "Complaynt of Scotland".
Essequibo River — West Indian or Guianan working song.

IN CAMPBELTOWN ONCE MORE: Variation of The Holy Ground Once More, the difference being attributed to P. Gilchrist of Campbeltown.

DOON IN THE WEE ROOM: About the legendary Quinn's Bar, Glasgow, and the sessions underneath the stairs.

GREEN GROW THE RASHES: Robert Burns — enough said!