Louis Killen, Bob Davenport & Red Sullivan   •   Sea Shanties

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  • Sea Shanties: From a London Hootenanny
    • 1963 - Decca DFE 8541 EP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Ranzo — Louis Killen
    2. Stormalong — Redd Sullivan
  • Side Two
    1. Blow Ye Bully Boys — Louis Killen
    2. Sally Rackett — Bob Davenport

  • Musicians
    • Louis Killen: Vocals, Guitar & Melodeon
    • Bob Davenport: Vocals
    • Redd Sullivan: Vocals, Guitar
  • Credits
    • Produced by Hugh Mendl
    • From a midnight folk concert recorded in London in May 1963
    • Supervised by Wally Whyton
    • Recording Engineers: Mike Savage, Gus Dudgeon
    • Cover photography: Brian Shuel

Sleeve Notes

The shanty reached its heyday in the days before mechanization appeared on the high seas, and as sail gave way to steam to these nautical work songs were banished to the realms of folk history. The strong lyrical rhythms concealed in the trite and sometimes nonsensical words has made them a very popular part of folk song.

The four selections included on this record made their appearance during the enormously successful hootenanny which was held in the Decca studios through one cool May night. With enthusiastic participation from the audience LOU KILLEN, BOB DAVENPORT and REDD SULLIVAN drive into these songs with all the power which they call for.