The Irish Rovers   •   The Boys Of Belfast: A Collection Of Irish Favorites

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  • The Boys Of Belfast: A Collection Of Irish Favorites
    • 2003 - Varese 066422 CD (USA)
  • Tracklist
    1. The Boys of Belfast (George Millar)
    2. The Roving Trade (George Millar)
    3. Kitty the Rose of Kilrea (George Millar)
    4. Erin's Green Isle (George Millar)
    5. The Ballintoy Farmer (Trad. George Millar)
    6. Will You Come and Marry Me? (George Millar)
    7. The Tinker (John Reynolds)
    8. Ten Thousand Miles Away (Trad. George Millar)
    9. The Rambler from Derry (George Millar)
    10. Little Brigid Flynn (William Percy French)
    11. The Jolly Roving Tar (George Millar)
    12. The Pride of Portrush Town (George Millar)
    13. The Good Ship Rover (Trad. George Millar)
    14. Reels (Trad.)
      1. Tie the Bonnet
      2. Scotch Mary
      3. The Mountain Road
      4. Maud Miller
      5. The Humours Of Tulla
    15. Down by the Lagan Side (Tommy Sands)
    16. Staten Island (Johnny McEvoy)
    17. The Best of Friends Must Part (George Millar)
    18. The Dark Island (I. McLachlan)

  • The Irish Rovers
    • Joe Millar: Harmonica, Bass, Whistle, and Vocals
    • George Millar: Guitars and Vocals
    • Wilcil McDowell: Accordian
    • Jim Ferguson: Vocals
    • John Reynolds: Whistle, Guitar and Vocals
    • Kevin McKeown: Drums, Bones & Bodhrán
    • Wallace Hood: Whistle, Mandolin, Citern, Banjo, Bouzouki & Bodhrán
    • Seán O'Driscoll: Mandolin, Banjo, Button-Key Accordion & Bodhrán