The Irish Rovers   •   Up Among The Heather, The Scottish Album

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  • Up Among The Heather, The Scottish Album
    • 2019 - Rover Records IRD0119 CD (CAN)
  • Tracklist
    1. Up Among the Heather (Trad. Arr. Adapt. George Millar, Wilcil McDowell)
    2. Rory Murphy (Trad. Arr. Arr. George Millar)
    3. Scots Abroad (Ian McCalman)
    4. Willie Brewed A Peck O' Maut (Robert Burns, Trad. Adapt. George Millar)
    5. The Highland Rogue (George Millar)
    6. Donald Where's Your Troosers (Andy Stewart)
    7. Lewis Bridal Song (Trad. Adapt. George Millar)
    8. Work of The Weavers (Trad. Adapt. George Millar)
    9. Green Grow the Rashes (Robert Burns, Trad. Adapt. George Millar)
    10. The Rose of Aberdeen (George Millar)
    11. I'll Never Go Back on Loch Ness (George Millar)
    12. The Tartan Marathon (Trad. Adapt. Wilcil McDowell)
    13. Skye Boat Song (Trad. Adapt. Wilcil McDowell)
    14. Willie's Gang Awa' (Trad. Adapt. George Millar)
    15. The Hawaiian Scotsman (Sol K. Bright, Adapt. George Millar)
    16. The Flower of Inverness (George Millar)
    17. Auld Lang Syne (Robert Burns, Trad. Adapt. George Millar)
    18. Highland High (George Millar)

  • The Irish Rovers
    • George Millar: Guitar & Vocals
    • Sean O'Driscoll: Banjo & Mandolin
    • Ian Millar: Bass, Guitar, Ukulele & Vocals
    • Morris Crum: Accordion, Keyboards & Vocals
    • Geoffrey Kelly: Flute, Whistle & Bodhran
    • Fred Graham: Drums, Bodhran & Percussion
    • Gerry O'Connor: Fiddle
    • Davey Walker: Keyboards & Vocals
  • Guests Musicians
    • Jimmie Macgregor: Vocals (Tracks: 2, 5 & 17)
    • Simon Mcbride: Electric Guitar (Track: 18)
    • Patrick Davey: Uilleann Pipes
    • Wilcil McDowell: Accordion
    • Hamish Burgess: Electric Pipes (Track: 15)
    • Jennifer Fahrni: Indignant Voice (Track: 6)
    • Billy Antrim: Heavy Drums
    • Bernie Labarge: Background Vocals (Track: 18)
  • Credits
    • Produced by George Millar for Rover Records
    • Engineer: Rick Salt
    • Mixed by George Millar and Rick Salt
    • Mastered by Rick Salt
    • Recorded at Rick Salt Studios (Nanaimo, BC), Wilcil McDowell Studio (Larne, N. Ireland) & Brian Young of CaVa Sound (Glasgow, Scotland)
    • Album Art & Photography: Hamish Burgess
    • Album Design & Layout: Jennifer Fahrni
    • Word Processing: Hillary Rockvam
    • Concert Booking & Production: Bill Girdwood

A Note To The Fans

When Jimmy Ferguson and I started singing together in the early sixties, our repertoire was rather scanty to say the least. We knew three Irish songs, "The Irish Rover", "The Star of the County Down", and "Whiskey in the Jar", and we also knew three Scottish songs, "Donald Where's Your Troosers", "Johnny Lad" and "Nancy Whisky". We actually knew a couple of Lonnie Donnegan's English songs as well, but we'll talk of those at a different time. Well, to make a short story long, we've added a good few songs since then, and funnily enough, many of them are indeed still Scottish, hence the reason for this recording. We asked our old friend Jimmie Macgregor to join us on a few songs, and to our delight, he agreed. Jimmie, with his partner Robin Hall, were one of Scotland's finest folk bands, and the Rovers were avid fans. Thank you — Jimmie and "May yer lum never reek." There are some old songs here, and some new ones. You can sing or march along with some of them, (good exercise for you) or you can sit and relax with a wee sip of Highland whisky (good exercise for you). Yes, we've been known to stray from our Irish whiskey once in a while. When in Rome …

We thoroughly enjoyed working on this collection of songs and we hope you enjoy listening to it — The Scottish Album.

Slainte, George Millar
Victoria, BC, January, 2019