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  • The Irish Rovers' Gems
    • 1996 - Rover Records 002 CD [x2] (CAN)
  • CD One
    1. The Last Of The Irish Rover (Trad. Arr. Adapt. G. Millar & W. McDowell)
    2. Star Of The County Down (Trad. Arr. Adapt. G. Millar)
    3. Bonnets Of Bonnie Dundee (Trad. Arr. Adapt. W. Hood)
    4. Liverpool Lou (D. Behan)
    5. The Gypsy Rover (Trad. Arr. Adapt. G. Millar & W. McDowell)
    6. Muirsheen Durkin (Trad. Arr. Adapt. G. Millar)
    7. Come By The Hills (W. G. Smith)
    8. The Gallant Forty-Twa
    9. No Nay Never
    10. Whiskey On A Sunday (G. Hughes)
    11. Farewell To Carlingford (T. Makem)
    12. I'm A Rambler, I'm A Gambler (Trad. Arr. Adapt. G. Millar)
    13. Three Jigs (Trad. Arr. Adapt. W. McDowell & W. Hood)
      1. The Lilting Fisherman
      2. The Cliffs Of Moher
      3. The Knights Of St. Patrick
    14. The Unicorn (S. Silverstein)
    15. The Orange And The Green (A. Murphy)
    16. Lily The Pink (Trad. Arr. The Scaffold, New Adaption by G. Millar & W. McDowell)
  • CD Two
    1. The Bonnie Lass Of Fyvie (Trad. Arr. Adapt. G. Millar & W. McDowell)
    2. Donald Where's Your Trousers (A. Stewart)
    3. Mountain Tay (S. McCarthy)
    4. Sweet Strabane (Trad. Arr. Adapt. G. Millar & W. McDowell)
    5. Turra Market (Trad. Arr. Adapt. G. Millar)
    6. Young Roddy McCorley (Trad. Arr. Adapt. G. Millar & W. McDowell)
    7. Tied Up With A Black Velvet Band (Trad. Arr. Adapt. G. Millar)
    8. My Boy Willie (Trad. Arr. Adapt. G. & J. Millar)
    9. Caltan Weaver (Trad. Arr. Adapt. G. Millar & W. McDowell)
    10. The Isle Of Innishfree (D. Farrelly)
    11. Good Luck To The Barleymow (Trad. Arr. Adapt. G. Millar)
    12. Wild Mountain Thyme (Trad. Arr. Adapt. G. Millar & W. McDowell)
    13. Three Reels (Trad. Arr. Adapt. W. McDowell & W. Hood)
      1. Andy Mcgann's
      2. The Congress
      3. Jackie Coleman's
    14. Weigh, Hey & Up She Rises (Trad. Arr. Adapt. G. Millar & W. McDowell)
    15. Rolling Home To Ireland (G. Millar)
    16. Wasn't That A Party (T. Paxton)

  • The Irish Rovers
    • Jim Ferguson: Vocals
    • Wilcil McDowell: Accordions, Keyboards
    • Joe Millar: Bass, Whistle, Harmonica, Accordion & Vocals
    • George Millar: 6 & 12 String Guitars & Vocals
    • Kevin McKeown: Drums, Bodhrán, Bones & Things
    • John Reynolds: Guitar, Whistle, Bass & Vocals
    • Wallace Hood: Irish Bouzouki, 10-String Cittern, Mandolin, Banjo, Whistle, Guitar & Vocals
  • Additional Musicians
    • Rick Salt: Slide & Electric Guitar On The Party
    • Rob Mitchell & Rae Croll: Side Drums On; Erin Go Bragh, Orange & Green, Lass Of Fyvie & Roddy Mccorley — From The Pacific Gael Pipe & Drum Band Of Nanaimo, B.C.
  • Credits
    • Recorded At: Island Pacific Studios, Nanaimo, British Columbia Canada
    • Produced By: George Millar
    • Engineered By: Rick Salt
    • Mixed By: George Millar & Rick Salt
    • Mastered By: Mark Franklin Of Media Magic, Victoria, B.C.
    • Photographed By: Cam Reid
    • Assisted By: Jon Millar
    • A Special Thanks to Jennifer Coyle for her art work on the cover and to Amy Millar for her sassy secretarial skills in the face of danger

Sleeve Notes

One evening last spring we sat down together to listen to our old albums with the purpose of releasing 12 tracks for a "best of" disk of our hard to find songs. After a laugh or two over the "Donald Duck" tone of our young voices, we realized there were some great songs that we had forgotten all about. As someone said that night, "there's a bunch of gems there." The more we listened to the old versions, the more new ideas for arrangements and instrumentation emerged. The real problem was about to start — how to get a group of Irishmen to agree to any thing, never mind selecting 12 songs out of approximately 300. After a few "civil" discussions and not so few Guinnesses, we managed to pick 32 of our favourites, at which point everyone refused to participate in the elimination of any more songs, out of love and respect for the material and the fact that the Guinness was now gone. Well, to end this artistic and cultural evening we not only decided on 32 tracks, we also decided to re-record them. We hope you get as much pleasure out of listening to these songs as we did redoing them. They've brought back many happy memories for us and hopefully they'll do the same for you. Enjoy.