The Irish Rovers   •   Celebrate! The First Thirty Years

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  • Celebrate! The First Thirty Years
    • 1994 - Rover Records ROV 30-2 CD (CAN)
  • Tracklist
    1. Ryan's Reel
    2. Irish Rover
    3. What Wid Ye Do
    4. When the Boys Come Rolling Home (Tommy Sands)
    5. Summer Time Is Coming
    6. Galway Races
    7. Black Velvet Band
    8. Isle of Innishfree
    9. Valapariso
    10. Marie's Wedding
    11. Moonshiner
    12. Spanish Lady
    13. New York Gals
    14. Molly Malone
    15. Star of the County Down
    16. The Unicorn (Shel Silverstein)
    17. Drunken Sailor
    18. Wasn't That A Party (Tom Paxton)

  • The Irish Rovers
    • Will Millar: Banjo, Tin Whistle, Lude & Goatskin
    • George Millar: 6 & 12 string Guitars
    • Joe Millar: Bass Guitar, Harmonica, Button Key Melodeon
    • Jimmy Ferguson: Vocals
    • Wilcil McDowell: Accordians
  • Musicians
    • Kevin McKeown: Percussion
  • Credits
    • Recorded live at the big exciting Irish Rover Free House … The Unicorn at the Expo site in British Columbia, Canada
    • Recorded by Melodeon Studios, Chemainus, B.C.
    • Engineer: John Ellis,
    • Assistant: Engineer Jim Kent.
    • Mixed by George Millar & Wilcil McDowell
    • Art and Design: Elliot Lahman for Music Manufacturing Services
    • Photos: Greg Athens
    • Digital Mastering: Media Magic
    • Video Produced by Ken Gibson and shooters.
    • Special Thanks to our old C.B.C. cohorts from our T.V. series days — Patsy MacDonald, Roger Packer & Ray Wains

Sleeve Notes

To Celebrate our first 30 years, we would like to invite you to a session with us at one of our Canadian Unicorn Pubs. We chose to record our 30th album and video production here, rather than in some fancy concert hall. It was in this kind of atmosphere where The Irish Rovers received our education on our special brand of "Spirited Entertainment" These First thirty years have slipped by so quickly and now we have reached some kind of show business milestone. We have toured continually around the world, with the same members for all this time. Here is a collection of what we consider to be our "Best" of all hundreds of songs we have performed over the years, with a great lively audience on hand to add to the high energy festivities. We hope that you will join in and enjoy yourself.

From … The Irish Rovers..Will, George, Jimmy, Joe and Wilcil … to all of you who "Turned Up" to our concerts and sang and danced round to our rollicking reels and ballads, or sipped a glass with our old "Real" songs — we thank you! Today, it is still a marvel to us that our recorded music spins away wherever Celtic music is enjoyed. We are proud of the way our contribution has been accepted. The first thirty years have been grand. We wouldn't have all those musical years and hope that you will join us somewhere along the way in the next thirty.

May you live as long as you want to … and may you want to as long as you live.