The Irish Rovers   •   Boys Come Rollin' Home

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  • Boys Come Rollin' Home
    • 1992 - Attic ACD 1381 CD (CAN)
  • Tracklist
    1. When the Boys Come Rollin' Home (T. Sands)
    2. The Spanish Lady (Trad. Arr. Adapt. W. & G. Millar, W. McDowell)
    3. Lorena (Arr. & Adapted W. Millar)
    4. Killiburn Brae (Trad. Arr. Adapt. W. & G. Millar, W. McDowell)
    5. Music in The Glen (Trad. Arr. Adapt. W. McDowell)
    6. The Sand and The Foam (D. Fogelberg)
    7. The Bonnie Lady (B. Macintosh)
    8. Las Vegas In the Hills Of Donegal (P. Gallager)
    9. The Shadow of O'casey (T. Sands)
    10. The Irish Rover (Arr. & Adapted W. Millar)
    11. Travellin' Man (G. Millar)
    12. Isle of Innisfree (D. Farrelly)
    13. Bold O'Donahue (T. Makem)
    14. Bonnie Kellswater (Trad. Arr. Adapt. W. & G. Millar)
    15. Farmer's Song (M. McLauchlan)

  • The Irish Rovers
    • Will Millar: Lead & Back-up Vocals, Bodhran, Banjo, Whistle, Autoharp, Spanish Lude
    • George Millar: Lead & Back-up Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
    • Jimmy Ferguson: Lead & Back-up Vocals
    • Wilcil McDowell: Accordion
    • Joe Millar: Lead & Back-up Vocals, Spoons, Harmonica
  • Musicians
    • Kevin McKeown: Drums, Tambourine, Bongos, Bodhran Bass
    • Gary Koliger: Acoustic & Electric Guitars
    • Michael Creber: Keyboards
    • Nolan Murray: Fiddle, Mandolin, 5-string Banjo
    • Diamond Tooth Molly: Castanets
    • Rosemary Beland: Hammer Dulcimer
    • Bernie Labarge: Harmony Vocals & LHL
  • Credits
    • Produced by Jack Richardson
    • Engineered by Don Geppert
      • Except Track: 15 — Produced and Mixed by George & Will Millar
    • Recorded at Recorded at Melodeon Studio, Saanichton, B.C.
    • Mixed at Fanshawe Studio 2, London, Ontario.
    • Thanks to John Ellis for technical assistance.
    • Special thanks to Catherine MacDonald Millar for her fine catering and putting up with this wild Irish crew.